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Complete Certification Courses

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Event and Wedding Planning

Learn to successfully create and organize any type of event from milestone parties, to corporate retreats, to dream weddings.

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Event Planning

Learn how to plan events for private, corporate and industry clients, including milestone parties, retreats, product launches and more.

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Event Decor

Harness your creative and organizational skills to create complete looks for every kind of event.

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Wedding Planning

Learn how to organize and plan unique weddings that perfectly meet and even exceed your clients’ wishes.

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Event Planning

Learn to plan and market a wide range of internal, external, public, and private events. Complete a hands-on practicum assignment where you plan a full event.

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Advanced Specialization Courses

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Destination Wedding Planning

Harness your creative and organizational skills to create complete looks for every kind of event.

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Luxury Wedding &amp Event Planning

Learn to work with large budgets, network with high-end vendors and market your luxury planning services.

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Accelerate Your Business Workshop

Take your event planning business to the next level by honing the skills you need to succeed as a business owner.

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Festival and Live Event Planning

Study topics including concert promotion, sports entertainment production, festival planning, and more.

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