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In the latest video from QC Event School, Candace outlines some tips that will help you to get a A in any of our online event planning courses!
In this graduate feature post, we interviewed Melissa Nault to see what it's like to be a recent grad from QC. According to Melissa, it's great!
People don't try to be terrible at their job, but sometimes being ignorant of best industry practices can make you the bad guy when you don’t mean to be.
Watch Event Planning Expert and QC Tutor Candice Coppola as she walks you through the different skills an event planner should possess, and explains how you can get your business off the ground! Decide if a career in event planning is right for you! After this webinar, you’ll have a much better idea about whether […]
Anyone who has ever planned an event knows how important vendors are to its success. This posts guides you through establishing solid vendor relationships.
Even in your own career, personal branding plays a huge part in your successes (and, consequently, your failures). Having a “personal brand” is a great way to assure quality and make people remember you.
When you’re launching your business, your website is a crucial element that you don’t want to neglect. Your blog is a key part of how users will find your site.
Planning and coordinating an event is a stressful job! Whether experienced or novice, most event planners will make a mistake or two throughout their careers.