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As part of your wedding planner courses, you’ll learn the fundamentals needed to organize and execute the wedding of your client’s dreams! But what if she has important guests that can’t make it to her big day? Going one step further: what if she wants to elope in the privacy of her own home, but […]
As a corporate event planner, your career DOESN’T need to suffer due to the COVID-19 crisis. Yes, while in-person interactions are not really feasible at the moment, you still have plenty of other opportunities available to you – including virtual services. There are so many ways you can utilize and offer your customers virtual services. […]
Just because you need to stay home right now and practice social distancing, doesn’t mean there aren’t still a ton of ways you can work remotely as an event and wedding planner! Your career doesn’t have to suffer, even in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. By taking advantage of these opportunities still at your […]
Let’s be real: the world is a little crazy right now. In light of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve likely been advised to remain indoors and practice social distancing. For many of you, this means a lot of spare time you now have on your hands. Money may be tight, and free time may […]
In light of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, people everywhere are being strongly advised to remain indoors as much as possible and socially distance themselves from others. For gamers and homebodies, it’s business as usual. But what about those of you whose 2020 resolution was to become a certified event and wedding planner? With schools […]
Alyssa Perna has over a decade of event operations experience for leading multinational business-to-business conferences, festivals and trade shows, press conferences, large-scale fundraisers, complex social events, and more. She is the founder of Experience Events, and the Managing Director of Ingenuity Cleveland. She’s also the lead instructor (and tutor!) of the Corporate Event Planning Course […]
2020 has already shaped up to be a crazy year so far, and the novel coronavirus COVID-19 is playing  a large part in that. Due to the nature of the virus, and the global attention it’s received, people are attempting to take every precaution possible to keep themselves healthy. Aside from rigorous hand-washing and stocking […]
It’s been about 3 months since word first broke out of the novel coronavirus COVID-19. It feels like with each passing day, there are more confirmed cases and more media coverage. On the plus side, it’s been confirmed that over half of those diagnosed with the virus globally to date have since recovered. But understandably, […]