Your Event Career

Now more than ever, it seems as though technology is one of the most important parts of any event. From online conferences, to hyper-digital displays, technology isn’t just the future of event planning… It’s the present!  If you’re an event manager, you’re probably well-versed in your industry’s tech as it stands right now. But of […]
As a professional planner, you know there is nothing more exciting (and admittedly, more stressful) than when the day of the event finally arrives. After all, you’ve spent weeks – often, months – planning every last detail for your client. Now, it’s time for everything to come together and bring your client’s vision to life. […]
We can’t skirt around the obvious: COVID-19 has had a bit of a negative impact on the wedding planning industry. Couples all over the world are having to post-pone their big day, thanks to social distancing. This definitely sucks, no matter how you look at it! But if you were thinking of becoming a wedding […]
I think we can all agree that COVID-19 has taken its toll on many businesses around the world. Unfortunately, the event planning industry has been of no exception. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t still plenty of ways for you to keep your business relevant throughout all this! In the past, we’ve examined ways […]
Here you are: freshly graduated from Event Planning school, armed with your certification, and filled to the brim with knowledge and motivation. Firstly, congratulations are in order! You’ve worked hard, and we’re unbelievably proud of you! Now you’re ready to step out into the professional world and start your very own planning business. For some, […]
For event and wedding planners, often the most rewarding part of the job is to see the big day finally come together. Everything fits together like perfect puzzle pieces, the guests have a great time, and the client’s vision comes to life exactly the way they hoped. Part of what makes this overall experience such […]
When most people think of wedding and event planners, they tend to think of extroverts. The common misconception about this industry is that, in order to succeed, you must be someone who thrives in social settings and is energized by being around others. However, this is definitely not always the case. Yes, while extroverts do […]
Alyssa Perna has over a decade of event operations experience in leading multinational business-to-business conferences, festivals and trade shows, press conferences, large-scale fundraisers, complex social events, and more. She is the founder of Experience Events, as well as the Managing Director of Ingenuity Cleveland. She’s also the lead instructor (and tutor!) of the Corporate Event Planning […]