Corporate Event Planning

Do you have a passion for planning events? Are you looking for a career that is both challenging and rewarding?  If so, this article is for you! In it, we will provide an ultimate guide on how to become a corporate event planner. We will cover topics such as educational requirements, job duties, and essential […]
Want to boost your event planner salary? Enroll in event management courses! Join QC Event School‘s Student Ambassador, Jenny Alperin, as she reveals 2 key reasons why corporate event training will advance your career! Jenny Alperin is a graduate of QC’s Corporate Event Planning Course. She’s also a current student of the Promotional Event Planning […]
Want to start a lucrative, exciting career in event management? Become a certified corporate event planner in just 3-6 months with QC Event School! QC Graduate, Jenny Alperin, Reviews QC Event School’s Corporate Event Planner Course The proud owner of RosePOP Parties, Jenny Alperin has been a professional planner in the corporate event world for many […]
As a corporate event planner, you understand the importance of professional events. When you’re hired by a corporate client, you’ll plan a specific type of event. Each event will need to suit the needs and style of your client’s company. The more unique and customized your events, the better! When you’re putting any type of […]
As a corporate event planner, it’s your responsibility to take your client’s idea and turn it into a reality. One of the primary ways you successfully do this is by helping your client determine their event goals. Your client wants to hold this event for a reason – and that reason is the ultimate goal […]
Kathy Snow is a Student Ambassador of QC Event School. She is currently enrolled in QC’s Promotional Event Planning Course, and has successfully graduated from the Corporate Event Planning, Event & Wedding Planning, and Event Decor Courses. Before joining the team at ‘All About Presentations’, Kathy operated as a contractual event planner; having worked for […]
Your online event management courses will give you all the skills needed to launch a successful career as a corporate event planner! In particular, you’ll learn all about organizing internal and external events. A profession in event management will contain a lot of different job responsibilities. But when it all boils down to it, most […]
As part of your corporate event planning courses, you’ll learn the two main types of events you’ll be responsible for organizing throughout your career: internal and external. But what exactly are internal and external events? How do they differ? Do they share any similarities? In this two-part series, we’ll explore these questions and provide you […]