When most people think of wedding and event planners, they tend to think of extroverts. The common misconception about this industry is that, in order to succeed, you must be someone who thrives in social settings and is energized by being around others. However, this is definitely not always the case. Yes, while extroverts do […]
Name: Tazman Baker Location: Rockhampton, Queensland (Australia) QC Courses you’ve taken / are taking: Event & Wedding Planning Event Décor Your website: https://whitefoxxevents.com.au/ https://www.facebook.com/whitefoxxevents/ https://www.instagram.com/whitefoxx_events/ Tell us a little bit about yourself! I’m 26 years old, married to my soul mate, and recently became a mum. I’m no stranger to a lazy day on the […]
Alyssa Perna has over a decade of event operations experience in leading multinational business-to-business conferences, festivals and trade shows, press conferences, large-scale fundraisers, complex social events, and more. She is the founder of Experience Events, as well as the Managing Director of Ingenuity Cleveland. She’s also the lead instructor (and tutor!) of the Corporate Event Planning […]
You’ve likely been spending quite a bit of time at home lately. (Who hasn’t, right?) Maybe you’ve been maximizing that time by taking online wedding and event planning courses, and are working towards getting your professional certification. If so, congratulations on all your hard work so far! We’re very proud of you! We pride ourselves […]
Let’s get real for a second. I don’t know about you, but I’ve personally lost track of which Quarantine Day I’m on at this point. There are times when it feels like it’s practically been forever. While there’s much for me to be grateful for, even during this difficult time, I’ll admit that not knowing […]
As part of your wedding planner courses, you’ll learn the fundamentals needed to organize and execute the wedding of your client’s dreams! But what if she has important guests that can’t make it to her big day? Going one step further: what if she wants to elope in the privacy of her own home, but […]
As a corporate event planner, your career DOESN’T need to suffer due to the COVID-19 crisis. Yes, while in-person interactions are not really feasible at the moment, you still have plenty of other opportunities available to you – including virtual services. There are so many ways you can utilize and offer your customers virtual services. […]
Just because you need to stay home right now and practice social distancing, doesn’t mean there aren’t still a ton of ways you can work remotely as an event and wedding planner! Your career doesn’t have to suffer, even in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. By taking advantage of these opportunities still at your […]