General Tips

It's that time of year again to evaluate last year's goals and set new resolutions for the year ahead! Here are our New Year's resolutions suggestions for event planners!
Becoming a certified event planner isn’t the end of your journey towards a professional career. Once you’re working in the industry, your next challenge is to stand out amongst the competition!
Looking for the perfect holiday drink recipe for your upcoming festivities? Whether your guests are children or adults, or those on a specialty diets, we have something for you!
Do you want to raise your professional event planning prices but aren't sure how or when? We'll tell you!
Here are the top client consultation questions! Download this free checklist to easily keep track of and save your clients' answers.
Looking to create the perfect color scheme for your next event? Check out our Color Cheat Sheet infographic and learn about proper terminology, psychology, and color scheme options!
Starting and running a business isn't for everyone. If you're considering employment in the event planning field, check out our job hunting tips!
If you’ve ever looked for a job, you know how stressful it can be. It can be pretty depressing to put yourself out there, apply to a bunch of jobs you think you’d be great for… only to be rejected by some or most of them. Guess what though: the interview process can be equally […]