Certified Course Comparison

Event & Wedding Wedding Planning Event Planning
The World of Wedding Planning X X
The Wedding Step-by-Step X X
Wedding Roles X X
Working with the Wedding Party X X
Religious Wedding Variations X X
Civil and Cultural Wedding Variations X X
Getting Started: Early Planning Tools X X
The Wedding Budget X X
Pre-Wedding Parties X X
The Guest List and Wedding Stationery X X
Attire and Aesthetics X X
Planning the Ceremony X X
Planning the Reception X X
Reception Vendors X X
After the Wedding X X
Special Topics X X
Introduction to Event Planning X X
The Planning Timeframe X X
Primary Event Components X X
Secondary Event Components X X
The Planning Budget X X
Internal Corporate Events X X
Milestone Parties X X
Social Internal Corporate Events X X
Holiday and Theme Parties X X
External Corporate Events X X
Children and Teen Birthday Parties X X
Religious Rites and Funerals X X
Industry and Special Events X X
Business Books IEWP IWPP IEPP
Starting Your Own Business X X X
Marketing and Promotion X X X
Intro to Project Management X X X
Working with Clients and Vendors X X X
Achieving Business Success DVD 1 X X X
Achieving Business Success DVD 2 X X X
Event Decor
Course Books
Introduction to Event Decor X
Starting Your Business X
Selling Your Services X
Color X
Theme X
Layout X
Building Your Brand X
Organization & Problem Solving X
Floral Design X
Table Decor X
Lighting X
Linens & Rentals X
Business in a Social World X
The Business of Event Decor: DVD 1 X
The Business of Event Decor: DVD 2 X