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Educational Requirements

Event Planner

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Are you looking to start a career in event planning?

Taking the first step can be intimidating, especially if you’re not sure which type of training you need!

A post-secondary degree is not required to become an event planner. Training is essential, as it will allow you to provide clients with confident answers and efficient plans, but you can get all of your event planner qualifications from an online certification course instead of a high-cost associate’s degree.

Event planning certification courses provide all the knowledge and skills you need to work in this role. Most online event certifications can be completed in less than a year and offer career-ready training so you can begin working right away.

Your Career Options

So, what can you do with your event planning certification? Once you complete your program, you’ll be able to start your own event planning business or work in an existing firm or company.

What Does an Event Planner Do?

  • Coordinate event tasks and timelines
  • Select trustworthy vendors such as caterers, florists, musicians, and audiovisual companies
  • Create color schemes and implement event themes
  • Work with clients to create room layouts and seating arrangements
  • Create contingency plans
  • Oversee the day-of coordination of your event
  • Manage vendors and guests
  • And much, much more!
International Event Planning Professional

Private Event Planning (Party Planning)

As a private event planner, you’ll be able to choose the clients you take on and the type of events you plan. You’ll have even more control over your target market if you start your own business! You can focus on private events such as milestone and birthday parties, holiday parties, or special community events.

You’ll conduct client consultations to present themes and ideas that match your client’s vision. Then, you’ll use your knowledge of the event planning process to build budgets, create color schemes, choose decor, and create seating plans for your clients. You will also work with venues, caterers, and other vendors for your client’s event.

With the private event planning path, you can greatly increase your worth and salary by specializing in topics such as event decor or adding wedding planning services to your portfolio.


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International Corporate Event Planning Professional

Corporate Event Planning

Corporate event planners are more likely to work for an existing company or corporation, but you can also start your own corporate event planning business. In this role, you’ll focus on events such as product launches, holiday parties, internal and external social events, conferences, and more.

You’ll work with clients to align events with overarching company goals. Working with AV teams, you’ll implement technology into events to engage guests and create a better experience. You’ll also work with venues and caterers, marketing teams, and manage the execution of events. After the event, you will evaluate the success of your events based on the company’s original goal (ex. create revenue, increase brand awareness, professional development).

With the corporate event planning path, you can greatly increase your worth and salary by specializing in topics such as promotional event planning or festival and live event planning.


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Learning Event Planning Online

Through QC’s online event planning courses, you can earn your certification in as little as 3-6 months working on your course for a couple of hours each week. You’ll study on your own schedule and at your own pace, submitting assignments as you go without worrying about strict deadlines or exams. QC allows you to study with digital materials, and you can access all of your online lessons, videos, and assignments in the Online Student Center at any time.

Although you’re learning online, you’ll still receive one-on-one guidance from a professional tutor. When you submit each unit, you’ll receive detailed audio feedback from your personal tutor on every assignment. Your tutor will tell you what you did well, and let you know what could be improved. They’ll provide personalized guidance and examples on how you can implement these changes in your next assignment!

QC’s student support team is available 7 days a week, which means you’ll always have help when you need it—not just when you’re in the classroom.


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What You’ll Get

Once you graduate from your course, you’ll receive your certification and professional designation. This certification is yours to use for the rest of your career with no additional costs or fees.

You’ll also have lifetime access to the Online Student Center where you can find up-to-date course texts, free business templates, create a professional online profile, and submit your work to the student showcase.

Plus, you are eligible to enroll in any additional courses at a 50% discount! Further your career with new skills and grow your event planning business.

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