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Educational Requirements

Wedding Planner

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Are you looking to start a career as a wedding planner?

Getting started can seem difficult at first, but with proper training you’ll be ready to launch a successful career!

A post-secondary degree is not required to become a wedding planner. Training is an important first step, but you can become a skilled and qualified wedding planner through online certification courses instead of through a high-cost college degree.

Online wedding planning certification courses provide all the knowledge and practical skills you need to work in this role. Certification courses usually take less time to complete, provide hands-on and real-world training, and some even teach you how to launch your own wedding planning business!

Your Career Options

Once you complete your wedding certification, you’ll be able to start your own business or work at an existing wedding planning business.

What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

  • Coordinate tasks and timelines
  • Select trustworthy vendors such as caterers, florists, and musicians
  • Create color schemes and implement decor themes
  • Work with clients to create guest lists and seating arrangements
  • Create contingency plans for the ceremony and reception
  • Oversee the day-of coordination for your clients
  • Manage vendors and guests
  • And much more!
International Event and Wedding Planning Professional

Full-Service Wedding Planner

Working as a full-service wedding planner is a full-time job if you plan to take on multiple clients each year. It’s hard, but rewarding, work! As a full-service wedding planner, you’ll be in charge of planning and coordinating all aspects of your client’s wedding, from the décor, to catering, to managing the guest list and booking the venue. You’ll also be in charge of coordination and setup on the day-of.

As a wedding planner, you can also offer services for planning pre-wedding parties, such as engagement parties, stag and doe parties, bridal showers, and rehearsal dinners.


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International Wedding Planning Professional

Wedding Coordinator

If you prefer, you can also take the route of becoming a wedding coordinator. This role is less hands-on than a full-service planner, but you’ll still be an essential part of planning and coordinating the wedding.

Some client’s choose to have wedding coordinators help with the plans leading up to the wedding, whether it’s one month or one week out. You could also be asked to perform day-of coordination so your clients can enjoy their big day without the stress of managing their vendors and guests.


In-house Planner

Most wedding venues will offer clients the services of an in-house planner. The role of an in-house planner is to work with clients to plan their wedding through the venue’s connections, including caterers, décor rentals, bartenders, and more.


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Destination Wedding Specialist

Destination Wedding Planner

If you want to plan beautiful weddings on sunny beaches or in faraway castles, then becoming a destination wedding planner is the path for you! As a destination wedding planner, you’ll take care of planning weddings in different countries, working with local vendors, resorts, and venues to plan your client’s dream wedding. In this role, you can also offer honeymoon planning as an additional service.


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Luxury Wedding Specialist

Luxury Wedding Planner

Another area that you can specialize in is luxury wedding planning. This role involves working with high profile clients and large budgets. Most of your clients will expect to have out-of-the-box vendors to create a unique experience for their guests. As a luxury wedding planner, details are key! You’ll need to make sure that you provide an exceptional experience for your clients from the first consultation to the end of their big day.


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Learning Wedding Planning Online

Through QC’s online wedding planning courses, you can earn your certification in as little as 3-6 months working on your course for a couple of hours each week. You’ll study on your own schedule and at your own pace, submitting assignments as you go without worrying about strict deadlines or exams. QC allows you to study with digital materials, and you can access all of your online lessons, videos, and assignments in the Online Student Center at any time.

Although you’re learning online, you’ll still receive one-on-one guidance from a professional tutor. When you submit each unit, you’ll receive detailed audio feedback from your personal tutor on every assignment. Your tutor will tell you what you did well, and let you know what could be improved. They’ll provide personalized guidance and examples on how you can implement these changes in your next assignment!

QC’s student support team is available 7 days a week, which means you’ll always have help when you need it—not just when you’re in the classroom.


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What You’ll Get

Once you graduate from your course, you’ll receive your certification and professional designation. This certification is yours to use for the rest of your career with no additional costs or fees.

You’ll also have lifetime access to the Online Student Center where you can find up-to-date course texts, free business templates, create a professional online profile, and submit your work to the student showcase.

Plus, you are eligible to enroll in any additional courses at a 50% discount! Further your career with new skills and grow your event planning business.

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