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Testimonials From Students

“The course has been invaluable to my career in the wedding and event planning industry. It gave me the confidence to start my business and also gave me the support of the tutors when needed.”

—Michelle Panton, Belle Weddings and Events

“I have loved every minute of the course. It’s in depth, informative, and the assignments are fun. I felt like I was working for an actual client, and was well prepared for the industry and starting my own business. I’m confident that my training will lead my company, The Grape Vine Events, to great success.”

—Lindsay Vine, The Grape Vine Events

“The Event and Wedding Planning course has given me the skills I need to pursue my dream career. It feels amazing to be doing something I love.”

—Sian Gerryts

QC’s Wedding & Event Planning Courses

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Watch instructional videos

Your personal tutor evaluates your work and provides audio feedback

You read beautiful full-color course texts on event & wedding planning topics

You receive a Certificate of Completion and Professional Designation after you graduate!

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