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Which Event Planning Course
Should You Take?

A diploma in event and/or wedding planning will help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to be a successful professional, and will help future clients and employers feel confident about hiring you!

QC offers 8 different courses in event and wedding planning. So which course should you take? Do you need to take more than one course? That really all depends on your career goals.

Become a Professional Party Planner

Plan birthday parties, retirements, small corporate parties, and more.

You’ll want to take the Private Event Planning Course. This course will teach you everything you need to know to plan all kinds of different parties, including some parties you’ve never thought of before!

Keep your options open!

QC’s Event & Wedding Planning course will teach you all of the above, AND get you certified in wedding planning as well. While you might want to specialize in parties, it’s nice to also be versed in professional wedding planning in case the right client comes your way with an offer you can’t refuse!

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Become a Professional Wedding Planner

Make a living planning weddings all year round!

The Wedding Planning Course will provide you International Wedding Planning Professional (IWPP) Certification that will prepare you to plan all types of different weddings. You’ll learn how to plan for different cultural and religious traditional ceremonies and keep up to date on the most recent wedding trends!

Upgrade Your Training

If you want to increase your wedding planner salary and become an expert in the industry, you can look into upgrading your training with the luxury wedding planning course, and the destination wedding planning course. These two specialization courses will give you the skills to call yourself an expert in these two unique fields of wedding planning.

Expand Your Services

The Event Décor course will help you offer extra services to your wedding planning clients. Instead of hiring a decorator for their wedding, clients can hire you for both services and save a little money in the process! Becoming an event decorator is a wonderful way to increase your revenue as a professional wedding planner.

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Become a Corporate Event Planner

Become an in-house planner for a large corporation, or land prestigious corporate event clients for your own business!

QC’s new Corporate Event Planning course will prepare you for the unique challenges of corporate event planning. Whether you’re a business owner trying to get corporate clients, or you’re an in-house event planner for a large corporation, your clients will expect you to be an expert project manager as well as an expert event planner. The ICPP™ certification will prepare you for both!

Upgrade Your Training

If you plan on starting your own corporate event planning business, the Accelerate Your Business workshop will give you an even greater leg up on your competition! This highly customized course, you’ll work with your tutor to take YOUR business to the next level. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

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All of the Above!

Diversify your skillset and be ready to plan any type of event that comes your way.

If you’re in a smaller community or in an area where event planning competition is fierce, you might want to diversify your skills to give your event planning business the best chance of success.

You’ll want to take both the Event & Wedding Planning course AND the Corporate Event Planning course in order to offer this wide range of services. You might also want to consider the Event Décor course to even further expand your services!

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You’re Not Sure Yet

That’s okay! Let’s figure it out together.

If you know you want to get into event planning but aren’t sure what career track you want to take, start with the Event & Wedding Planning course. This course will expose you to the greatest variety of events, including different types of parties, weddings, and more. You’ll graduate ready to start your career as an event AND/OR wedding planner, and have a better idea of where your strengths lie.

If you decide you want to continue your event training after graduating from this foundational course, you’ll be ready to expand with wedding specialization courses, or get into event décor or even corporate event planning!

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