Five Reasons to Enroll - QC Event School

Five Reasons to Enroll

  1. 1

    Take the first step toward the career of your dreams

    You have the passion and creativity. You’ve loved planning events for as long as you can remember. Our course will give you the tools you need to turn a hobby into a successful business.

  2. 2

    Learn from the best of the best

    When you submit your first assignment, we’ll pair you with a professional event planner as your tutor. Your tutor will review all your work and give you personalized audio feedback, grades, and tips on how you can improve.

  3. 3

    Study at your own pace

    We know your life is already busy. With our course, you won’t have to worry about any deadlines. Sit back, relax, and learn!

  4. 4

    Participate in an active community

    Connect with your fellow students in an online community. Ask questions, give advice, and share your work through our Online Student Forum, Facebook, or Twitter pages. Develop an online presence with your own personal webpage.

  5. 5

    Feel secure with our no-risk guarantee

    You have 21 days to review your course materials. If for any reason you find that the course is not right for you, simply contact the school for a full refund—no questions asked!

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