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Your Assignments

Here at QC Event School we understand the need for a hands-on learning experience, so we designed all of the assignments keeping you—the student—in mind. In order to give you a well-rounded education the course contains a mix of theoretical and practical assignments. We make sure to equip you with all the knowledge and experience necessary to enter the world of event and wedding planning on a confident and competent footing.

Throughout your QC Event school course you’ll encounter the following types of assignments:

Practical event planning scenarios: You’ll use your tutor as your “client” as you work through a practical element of planning an event. This can be anything from designing a seating chart to picking top vendors and everything in between.

Case studies: We’ll present different case study scenarios where you’ll have to make business decisions based on the unique needs of your client.

Quizzes: Multiple choice and true/false quizzes test your knowledge for a specific section or unit.

Business assignments: Throughout your course you’ll have the opportunity to complete optional business components. Through these business lessons you’ll learn how to choose a business name, how to create a business plan, how to market your business effectively, how to create promotional material, and much more.