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Live With Athena DeVonne

Live webinar with event & wedding planner Athena DeVonne

Join QC tutor Athena DeVonne LIVE on Tuesday, December 11th at 6pm ET (UTC-5)! You’ll learn how to prepare your event planning business for 2019, from setting new goals to creating a detailed plan of action.

As the owner of the award-winning wedding and event planning company, Coalesce Creations, Athena knows the importance of setting and sticking to your business goals. Athena will help you focus on what matters most to your business, and will guide you through the steps of achieving those goals. From the planning process to reporting on your business’ progress, Athena will provide you with a solid foundation to set your business up for success in the new year!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Set monthly and annual goals that are relevant to your business
  • Outline how you will achieve each goal through daily, weekly, and monthly tasks
  • Keep yourself accountable and monitor your business progress
  • Network and move up in the industry

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Enroll in one of QC’s foundation courses, plus one advanced course (at 50% off!), and you’ll receive your choice of a specialization course for FREE—a value of [full_price courses=”LW” no_discount=”1″]!

Event & Wedding Planning Course

Become a fully certified planner with QC’s most popular course. This comprehensive program combines training from the Event Planning and Wedding Planning courses. Gain skills for every facet of the industry. Learn to create events – from milestone parties, to corporate events, to dream weddings – with detailed instruction into each step of the process.

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Corporate Event Planning Course

Learn about the logistics behind a wide range of internal, external, public, and private events. Complete a practicum assignment where you’ll plan a corporate event based on a real-world scenario that matches your personal career goals. Choose from two optional final units that can help you find job opportunities or start your own business.

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Event Planning Course

You’ll learn how to plan events for private, corporate and industry clients, including milestone parties, retreats, product launches, and much more. Gain practical knowledge and professional skills in all aspects of the event planning process.

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Wedding Planning Course

Build your knowledge in organizing and planning unique weddings tailored to your client’s wishes. Meet and exceed expectations with both business training and creative direction as you learn to make each client’s cherished day a memorable success.

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Event Decor Course

Expand your creative and organizational skills to create complete event designs. Learn how to coordinate floral arrangements, lighting, linens, and more. You’ll build practical knowledge on turning your client’s vision into reality.

50% OFF!

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Accelerate Your Business

Increase revenue and improve the growth of your event planning business. Learn advanced marketing techniques, develop your event planning portfolio, and perfect your project management. You’ll work one-on-one with your tutor to complete a personalized final project.

50% OFF!

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Festivals and Live Events

Learn how to use your existing event planning skills to succeed in the live events industry. You’ll study topics including concert promotion, show production, sports entertainment production, festival planning, and much more. Discover the logistics of public events and learn how to manage both small- and large-scale festivals and entertainment events.


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Luxury Wedding & Event Planning

Learn how to work with large budgets, network with high-end vendors, and market your luxury event planning services. Receive practical training to help you successfully create over-the-top and upscale events, weddings, parties, meetings, and celebrations. Exceed even the most challenging luxury client expectations.


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Destination Wedding Planning

Find out how to coordinate gorgeous wedding ceremonies on tropical beaches or in faraway castles. Gain practical skills in working with translators, travel agents, and other vendors from a distance to plan a successful destination wedding experience for clients.


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