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For a limited time, you’ll receive an additional £50 off your tuition when you enroll in QC’s Event and Wedding Planning Course and Event Decor Course (at 50% off) with the code CAREER18. Begin your journey as an event planner with professional industry training and flexible courses.


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Recommended Sequence of Courses

QC’s Event and Wedding Planning course is the first course you should complete, as it teaches you the fundamentals of event and wedding planning concepts and is the prerequisite to all the other courses.

After you’ve completed your Event and Wedding Planning course, you can start on the Event Décor course!

Tuition Breakdown

Event & Wedding Planning

Learn to successfully create and organize any type of event from milestone parties, to corporate retreats, to dream weddings. Get industry-ready training and the knowledge to plan unforgettable events from start to finish. Launch a new career in a field you’re truly passionate about.

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Event Decor

Harness your creative and organizational skills to create complete looks for every kind of event. Learn how to coordinate floral arrangements, lighting, linens, and more. Gain practical knowledge on how to turn your clients’ visions into reality.

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Plus an additional £50 off your full tuition!

Flexible Payment Plans

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Choose your installment schedule: For both the Accelerated Plan and Extended Plan, you can choose to make weekly, bi-weekly or monthly installments. You can even choose the day your payments start!

Click on the Tuition Calculator to find the plan that fits your budget and lifestyle.

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