Accelerate Your Business Course Outline

Unit F (Optional)

Personalized Unit

In Unit F you’ll learn how to properly manage your time and stay organized. You’ll gain understanding in project management systems for single projects, such as the waterfall method, Gantt charts, sprints, and progress boards.

Unit Topics

  • Learn how to set up your office and stay organized.

  • Discover the differences in managing single wedding and corporate events.

  • Explore the different project management systems.

  • Learn how to use a Gantt chart.


Unit Books

  • Tools for Time and Project Management


Unit Videos

  • Setting Up an Office and Staging Organized

Accelerate Your Business Course Materials Unit F

Accelerate your business assignments

Your Assignments

Take a look at some of the practical assignments that you’ll complete in this unit:

  • Create a planning timeline for an event.
  • Practice how to resolve unexpected problems.
  • Evaluate your current organization system.
  • Set up guidelines for a general project management system.
  • Create Gantt charts for your tasks.

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