Corporate Event Planning Course Outline

Unit F

In Unit F, you’ll get an intimate look at each step of the corporate event planning process. You’ll explore every facet of the planning process through a detailed case study covering all key planning elements. Finish this unit with a hands-on practicum assignment where you’ll work with a real-world client and scenario to develop your own event from beginning to end.

Unit Topics:

  • Learn all about creating an effective event concept that guides the planning of the rest of the event.

  • Setting a budget is one of the most important parts of planning an event. Learn how to set event priorities based on a budget and how to create a budget proposal for your clients.

  • Take a deep-dive into the research, interviewing and hiring process of various vendors.

  • Many corporate events involve marketing the event to the public. Learn how to create and execute an effective marketing strategy.

Your event and wedding planning assignments

Your Practicum

Take a look at the hands-on practicum assignment you’ll complete based on a real-world scenario:

  • You’ll be presented with two real-world client scenarios: a tradeshow and a non-profit gala. After selecting a scenario that interests you, research and develop an event plan from beginning to end.