Event & Wedding Planning Course Outline

Unit C

In Unit C you’ll learn how to plan parties for children and teens and you’ll explore what’s involved in planning industry events. After, you’ll learn how to improve how you work independently and with others as you review project management principles and communication strategies.

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Event and Wedding Course Materials Unit C
  • What’s more fun than watching a one-year-old smash a birthday cake to pieces? Learn to plan parties for tots and teens and tap into a younger you. You’ll look at organizing games and activities that keep both the children and adult guests entertained.

  • In your final corporate event planning book you’ll be introduced to industry events. Fundraisers, conferences, and symposia are examples of events that fall under this category. You’ll finish up your work with corporate clients by learning how to organize special events like art shows, concerts and plays.

  • As an event planner you can make joyous events even more special for your clients. You can also help your clients through difficult times. For example, you can assist clients with funeral arrangements for a loved one. Learn how to respectfully and politely make arrangements for your clients so they can be with their family.

  • Optimize the way you run your business by learning about project management, the topic of your third business book. Study the five phases of running a project, improve your productivity, and utilize tools that will keep you on track.

  • Are you good with people? Strong interpersonal skills allow you to build lasting relationships with both clients and vendors. In your last business book you’ll study ways in which you can improve your written and verbal communication as you build important connections in the industry.

Watch a Unit Preview Video

In this unit preview, course instructor, Candice Coppola, talks about the different ways that you can earn revenue outside of planning events.

Your event and wedding planning assignments

Your Assignments

Take a look at some of the practical assignments that you’ll complete in this unit:

  • Plan a birthday party for a 9 year old.
  • Organize a Christmas party with a non-denominational theme.
  • Develop advertising copy for your business.

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