Event & Wedding Planning Course Outline

Unit D

In Unit D, you’ll switch gears and take a look at your role as a wedding planner. You’re now part of a multi-billion dollar industry that is ever growing. Learn what your responsibilities will be, how to work with all parties involved and how to organize and execute each step of the wedding planning process.

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Event and Wedding Course Materials Unit D
  • Do you love watching beautiful weddings unfold, the ones where you can really feel the magic and romance? As a wedding planner you’ll help couples plan their dream wedding. Explore the many roles and responsibilities you’ll have as a wedding planner and learn about the different types of services that you can offer your clients.

  • Not only do you need to know what your responsibility is on the day of the wedding, you also need to understand what each member of the bridal party is responsible for. Learn how to work with this schedule and keep them on track!

  • Having a proper process in place is essential when planning a wedding. We’ll take you through each step of planning, from lending a hand with the bridal shower, to providing advice on honeymoon destinations.

  • As a wedding planner you’ll have the great opportunity to plan weddings for all different religions and cultural backgrounds. Gain an understanding of how different groups of people celebrate this special day and learn how to bring traditions together when you’re working with multiple backgrounds.

Watch a Unit Preview Video

In this unit preview, hear from Diana Chouinard of Jubilee events and find out how she got started in the industry and how her career progressed over the years.

Your event and wedding planning assignments

Your Assignments

Take a look at some of the practical assignments that you’ll complete in this unit:

  • Describe elements of a wedding you’ve been to that made it feel really special.
  • Trouble-shoot a major crisis on the day of the wedding.
  • Describe the marriage requirements for one religious sect or faith.

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