Event Planning Course Outline

Unit A

Unit A takes you through your role as an event planner, the planning timeframe, and the essential components that must be considered when planning any event. Finish up the unit by learning how to start your own event planning business.

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Event Planning Course Materials Unit A
  • Dive right into the event planner role and find out what your schedule will be like, what you’ll do day to day, and who you’ll be working with.

  • Explore an essential component of event planning — the immensely important planning timeframe. Learn how to organize and prioritize your tasks effectively so that every detail comes together just right.

  • To plan any event you need to know which details you’ll have to consider. From organizing the guest list to choosing the entertainment, you’ll learn about all seventeen event components in great detail.

  • Starting your own business is often considered a daunting task, but don’t worry because we take it one step at a time. Beginning with the basics, you’ll learn about the different types of businesses, financing your company, choosing an insurance package, and how to write a business plan.

Watch a Unit Preview Video

In this unit preview, course instructor, Candice Coppola, takes you through the process of creating a business plan.

Your event and wedding planning assignments

Your Assignments

Take a look at some of the practical assignments that you’ll complete in this unit:

  • Analyze your personality and discover which traits will make you a great event planner.
  • Calculate how large you need your venue to be based on different seating arrangements.
  • Put together a business plan (optional).

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