Festivals and Live Events Workshop

Unit C

Unit C is the final practical unit of your workshop, and does not contain lesson texts or videos. Instead, you will put your skills to use in a hands-on case study. You’ll develop the groundwork for your own festival, completing the planning process from designing a concept to selecting a site and researching partners for your event. Research sponsorship and grants, and explore the various roles available in the festival and public event planning industry.

Your Assignments:

  • Concept-Building
  • Festival Programming
  • Site Selection
  • Vendor Selection
  • Partner Selection
  • Corporate Sponsorships
  • Grant Proposal Writing
  • Permit Application

Here are some examples of the practical assignments you’ll complete:

  • Practice designing a concept for a new festival in your area
  • Identify attractive sponsorship opportunities for local festivals
  • Research and list grants that your festival would be eligible for