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Virtual events are hugely popular in the new age of social distancing. With the right training you can help fill the demand for skilled virtual event planners. Learn how to make a couple’s wedding dreams come true virtually, plan an online conference with thousands of attendees, and much more!

Why do I need virtual events training?

As a virtual event planner, you’re responsible for making sure your event runs smoothly from start to finish. While your core event planning skills will come in handy, you also need specialized skills to run a virtual event. This one-unit “mini course” will give you those skills!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to create virtual event concepts
  • How to integrate your event concept into each element of your online event
  • How to plan and manage the technical aspects of the event
  • How to create an online event that’s just as engaging as an in-person event
  • How to transition in-person events that are already planned into virtual events
  • An introduction to popular online platforms or “virtual venues”
Virtual Events Certification

Foundation Courses

The Virtual Events mini-course requires foundational training in event planning. If you already have event planner training and want to enroll in the virtual event planning mini-course only, please contact the school.

Choose from four foundation courses:

  • The event and wedding planning course is QC’s most popular course. Keep your options open as you launch your own business!
  • The corporate event planning course gives you the unique skillset to execute and manage corporate events. Start a corporate planning business or join a corporation as an in-house planner!
  • If you only want to plan weddings and no other type of event, the wedding planning course is perfect for you!
  • Finally, if you want to plan private parties and events but not weddings or corporate events, you’ll want to take the event planning course.
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