Wedding Planning Course Outline

Unit A

In Unit A you’ll learn about your role as a professional wedding planner. You’ll study how to develop event concepts, and bring your ideas to fruition. Learn how to estimate project costs and work with your client’s budget. Next, you’ll take a look at each step of the wedding planning process.

Materials for Wedding Planning Course Unit A

Unit Topics

  • Dive right into the event planner role and find out what your schedule will be like, what you’ll do day to day, and who you’ll be working with.

  • Study how to work with your clients to come up with a tailored budget, how to prioritize elements of the wedding, and how to ensure your clients’ costs are on track.

  • Explore the wedding timeline and learn how to organize and prioritize your tasks effectively. Find out when to plan pre-wedding parties, select the wedding date, and coordinate the day-of.

Unit Books

  • The World of Wedding Planning

  • Creating an Event Concept

  • The Wedding Budget

  • The Wedding Timeline

Your event and wedding planning assignments

Your Assignments

Take a look at some of the practical assignments that you’ll complete in this unit:

  • Describe elements of a wedding you’ve been to that you feel made it special.
  • Plan out a couple’s wedding budget based on a real-life scenario.