Wedding Planning Course Outline

Unit B

In Unit B, you’ll study the process of selecting venues and caterers for weddings. Delve into the responsibilities of the bridal party and study how to put together a guest list. Next, you’ll learn about the attire and aesthetics related to weddings. Explore the different parties you may be expected to plan as part of the pre-wedding celebrations.

Materials for Wedding Planning Course Unit B

Unit Topics

  • Discover the main considerations for selecting venues that contribute to your overall event goals. Consider the needs of vendors, guests, lighting, and much more as you research potential venues. You’ll learn about the different types of venues, as well as how to successfully host an outdoor wedding.

  • Not only do you need to know what your responsibility is on the day of the wedding, you also need to understand what each member of the bridal party is responsible for. Learn how to work with this schedule and keep them on track.

  • As a wedding planner, your clients are going to call on you to advise them on all aspects of the wedding, including helping them choose who to invite. Learn the tried and true tricks for putting together the guest list.

  • Learn about all of the attire and aesthetics related to the wedding, from wedding dress styles to dressing the ring bearer. You’ll have the knowledge to confidently advise your clients through all of their fashion choices.

  • Your clients may ask you to plan other parties around the wedding such as the bridal shower, stag and doe, or rehearsal dinner. Learn about all wedding-related events and how to organize each one.

Unit Books

  • Event Venues and Catering

  • The Wedding Party and the Guest List

  • Wedding Attire and Aesthetics

  • Pre-Wedding Parties

Your event and wedding planning assignments

Your Assignments

Take a look at some of the practical assignments you’ll complete in this unit:

  • Plan the theme, entertainment, and menu for a cocktail reception at a ritzy location.
  • Provide solutions for bridal party attire based on a real-life scenario.