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Save $300
Pay only $748 when you pay in full!

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$188 deposit and 4 installments of $190 for a total of $948

Lowest Monthly Payments
$76 deposit and 12 installments of $81 for a total of $1048

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Event Decor Course

QC’s Event Décor course provides you with complete training in event and wedding design. With this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use color matching, popular themes, and the latest event design trends to create a cohesive and modern design for any event.
  • Work with your clients to choose a theme that speaks to them while keeping true to the goal of the event.
  • Orchestrate all elements of the event to create a beautiful and cohesive presentation that any client will be happy to pay for.
  • Start your own event décor business, build your own event design brand and run your decorating business effectively.
  • Incorporate event decor services into your existing event and wedding planning business if that is your goal.

Once you graduate, you’ll receive an industry-recognized certification that prepares you for a successful career in event décor and design.

QC’s Event Decor course is ideal for those who:

  • Enjoy using their creativity to masterfully design weddings and events
  • Have training in event or wedding planning and want to advance their career
  • Want to start their own event décor business or work for someone else

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50% Discount on Your Event Decor Tuition

Most QC students take the Event Decor course in tandem with the Event & Wedding Planning course. Thanks to QC’s continuing education discount, you’ll receive 50% off your Event Decor Course tuition when you enroll in both courses!

By pairing these two courses, you’re setting yourself up for a successful career as an event planner AND event decorator. You’ll be able to plan and decorate your clients’ events, which is a great way to increase your business revenue and make your clients extra happy!

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Your Professional Certification

Online Event Decor Certification


International Event Decorating Professional™

When you graduate from the Event Décor course, you’ll receive a professional certificate and the designation of International Event Decorating Professional (IEDP). This certification provides you with credibility in the event and wedding industry, and will help you gain both clients and employment.

How the Courses Work

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Your Course Curriculum

Unit A

  • Receive an introduction to event décor and design
  • Learn how to start your own event decor business
  • Find out how to sell your services
  • Watch The Business of Event Decor: DVD 1
learn more

Unit B

  • Learn about color theory and psychology, and using color for various events
  • Learn to execute cohesive themes
  • Study how to create efficient and practical layouts
  • Find out how to build your personal brand
  • Gain skills in organization and problem solving
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Unit C

  • Learn all about floral design, table decor, and using lighting at events
  • Understand how to work with linens and the rental process
  • Discover how business works in a social world
  • Watch The Business of Event Decor: DVD 2
learn more

Review a detailed course outline here.

Your Course Materials

Event Decor Certificate Program Course Material

As a student with QC, you’ll receive everything you need to complete the Event Décor course including lesson texts, course guides and video tutorials. You’ll also have lifetime access to QC’s Online Student Center, where you’ll find electronic copies of your course materials. Here, you’ll submit assignments, chat with peers, and review unit evaluations from your tutor.

Download Your Course Preview

Download the Course Preview to get an inside look at the Event Decor course, including what you’ll learn and how you’ll study online.

  • View a sample assignment

  • Watch a course video excerpt

  • Review a complete course curriculum

  • Hear from students who have taken the course

  • Learn about the student/tutor connection

Start an Exciting Career Today

If you have a passion for planning, enjoy meeting new people, and a keen eye for design, you’ll thrive in this industry. Enroll to take the first step towards a rewarding career!

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