QC Event Planning Halloween Contest

A new season has arrived, which means it’s time for another QC Event School Contest!

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons for entertaining. The deep, rich colors combined with the cozy atmosphere (not to mention the comfort food!) make for a wonderful opportunity to create unforgettable gatherings.

For this contest, we are celebrating two exciting aspects of Autumn: Halloween and fall weddings!

You don’t need to be a QC student in order to enter, everyone is welcome! And there will be an amazing prize for the winner!

Hurry, contest entries close on October 22nd!

How It Works

For this contest, we’ll ask you to use Pinterest to create an inspirational mood board for an Autumn engagement party.

To take part in this contest for your chance to win a fabulous prize, simply create a mood board on Pinterest by following the guidelines from your client scenario below! Your event will be an engagement party taking place on October 31st – but your clients aren’t sure how to incorporate spooky Halloween elements without overdoing it!

How To Use Pinterest

Client Scenario

Your client is a young couple, aged 27 and 28, who are planning to be married within the next year. They have been engaged for just a few weeks now, and are interested in hiring someone to plan their engagement party.

This couple loves the outdoors, are passionate foodies, and have an adventurous side. The bride-to-be told you she likes rustic elegance and classic décor, whereas the groom is drawn to colorful themes.

They want the event to take place on the evening of October 31st, and have a strict budget of $3000. Since they are planning a small wedding, they want to celebrate with extended family members who will not be invited to the big day. Their expected turnout for the party is 100 guests.

At your first meeting, the couple gives you a list of what they want for their engagement party:


  • Hors d’oeuvres for the entirety of the event


  • A bar with drinks available


  • Decorations with a twist of Halloween spirit


  • Party games with Halloween or fall themes

Factors to consider:

  • There will be a few young children attending the engagement party.
  • Your clients are looking to bring in elements of Halloween, but don’t want their engagement party to be dressed up with tacky décor.

Your Task:

Create a mood board on Pinterest with ideas for the couple’s engagement party. At your next meeting, they’ll decide if you’re the event planner who can meet their expectations!

Once complete, you can easily submit your entry by uploading a link to your Pinterest board using the entry form at the bottom of this page. Make sure to include at least 6 pins on your board! Entries will close on October 22nd, 2017.

On October 23rd, we’ll post the semi-finalists on QC Event School’s Facebook Page where you’ll vote for your favorites by liking the best boards. The five inspiration boards with the most “likes” by October 27th will be our finalists! The finalists will be sent to the judge who will choose a winner by Halloween, Tuesday, October 31st!

The Judge

We’re so excited to have QC Event School tutor, Heather Vickery, critique and score our five finalists. Heather will use her own scoring guidelines to help her pick the winner of the grand prize!

Heather’s message to entrants:

Welcome to the QC Event School Halloween Contest! I am excited to be the guest judge for 2017 contest.

Here is a little insight about what I will be looking for in each submission:

  • Details, details, details: If you have had me as a tutor you know that, for me, it is all about the details. I will be looking for submissions that cover all of the event bases. The small details are what really takes an event from average to fabulous.
  • Creativity: Be sure to think outside of the box about everything that goes into the event. I want you to explore options that are new, set some of your own trends, if possible. Remember that there are all different types of inspiration and things don’t have to be translated exactly (in fact, they often shouldn’t be!). The board is for inspiration and not for reproduction – just like each event should be.
  • Consistency: Take your time on this project and ensure that everything fits nicely together. Your overall vision must make sense and each item should compliment the others.
  • Mixed Media: Does the vision board consist of items that create texture, dimension, and depth to further carry out the selected theme? Or are all the items of one medium?
  • Keep it clean: I will look for creative and unique designs that present a clear message without being messy or “overdone.” The board should clearly and quickly communicate your vision to me.

I cannot wait to see all of the submissions and good luck!

The Prize

The winner of the Til Death Do Us Party Halloween Contest will receive a Kate Spade New York “2017-2018 Floral Planner” (estimated retail value $40), a Mara-Mi’s “2018 17 Month Marble Clipboard Wall Calendar” (estimated retail value $20), a Indigo Paper’s “White marble Pencil Pouch” (estimated retail value $15), a Indigo Paper’s “Diamond Pearl Bookmark” (estimated retail value $10), and Jessica DiLullo Herrin’s book “Find Your Extraordinary: Dream Bigger, Live Happier, and Achieve Success on Your Own Terms by Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit in You” (estiated retail value $25).

QC Event School Pinterest Party Prize

Still have Questions?

We’ve answered the most common ones below! You can also read through the contest rules for more information, or contact us if your questions still aren’t answered!

Can I enter if I’m not a QC Student?

Yes you can! This contest is open to anyone who has a love of event planning and event decor, whether you’re already a member of the QC Community or not!

How do I create a mood board on Pinterest?

Check out our instructions here on how to use Pinterest to create your mood board!

When will the semi-finalists be announced?

The semi-finalists will be announced on QC Event School’s Facebook Page on Monday, October 24th. You’ll be able to vote by “liking” your favorite image in the contest semi-finalist album.

When will the winner be announced?

Voting will continue until Noon Eastern Time on October 28th. On October 31st (Halloween!), we’ll post Candice’s scoring of all five finalists, and announce the winner!

What happens if I win?

And we hope you do!

We’ll contact you via email or by phone to arrange delivery of your prize. We’ll need to speak to you first, as we won’t send out a prize before we can verify your address either by phone or email, so make sure you’re available to chat!

You can read the full contest rules here.

Submission Form