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Creating Your Pinterest Board

Pinterest is a free, user-friendly social media platform that allows you to curate digital boards by adding or “pinning” photos.

  1. Visit and either login or create an account.
  2. Create a new board for the contest. The name of your board should include your first name and the contest name.
  3. Do not make your board secret. You must be able to provide a link to your board when entering the contest.
  4. Next, select photos to add to your board. You have three different options for adding photos to your board.

QC Event School Pinterest Contest Instructions 1

Option 1: Use existing photos from Pinterest

  • Pinterest has plenty of decor content that will be useful to you as you build your mood boards.
  • To find photos in Pinterest, enter keywords into the search bar on the homepage. For example, you could search for “floral centerpieces.”
  • Scroll through the results and click on any photos that appeal to you to see a larger version of the photo.
  • From here you can choose to save the photo to one of your boards.
  • If you would like, you can explain why you chose this photo in the description box. If you only want to include one item within the photo, you can state that here as well.

QC Event School Pinterest Contest Instructions 2

Option 2: Use photos from other websites

  • When building your mood boards, you may wish to include photos from other websites such as online stores or event blogs.
  • The easiest way to do this is to download the Pinterest browser button from the following website:
  • The next time you’re browsing a website and you hover your cursor over a photo, you’ll see an option to save the photo to one of your Pinterest boards. Note that not every website will allow you to use this feature, but most will.

QC Event School Pinterest Contest Instructions 1

Option 3: Upload your own photos

  • You may wish to upload photos to Pinterest that you’ve taken with your camera or cell phone.
  • Begin by saving the photo to your computer.
  • Visit the Pinterest homepage and follow the procedure to “Upload a Pin.”
  • Choose the photo from your files or photo library and save the photo to the appropriate board.

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