Canadian Eh?

QC is a certified educational institution with Employment and Social Development Canada. At the end of the year, we'll be sending you a T2202 tax receipt for the course fees you paid during the year. You can use the receipt to get a tax refund.

You'll be able to claim:

  • The Canada Training Credit and
  • The Tuition Tax Credit

Canada Training Credit

Most QC students can benefit from the Canada Training Credit. Starting in 2020, the federal government puts $250 into your training account each year you filed a tax return. You can draw on the account to get a tax refund. If you qualify, you can get as much as 50% of your course fees back.

See details here.

Tuition Tax Credit

Any amount of your tuition that you don't claim under the Canada Training Credit can be claimed under the Tuition Tax Credit. You can get back 15% of the amount claimed from the federal government. Your province may also provide a tax credit.

Learn more here.

Getting Your T2202 Receipt

At tax time you'll be able to access your T2202 receipt in the My Account section of your online student center. We also send a copy to the CRA.

Sample Calculation

Tania decides to enroll in QC's Event & Wedding Planning course for $1384.

Canada Training Credit

She can use the Canada Training Credit (CTC) to claim a refund of up to 50% of her eligible tuition fees. Half of her eligible tuition fees is $692. Her Canada Training Credit Limit (CTCL) for the 2024 tax year is $1500, which is greater than $692, so she can claim the full $692.

Tuition Tax Credit

Next, Tania would like to claim the federal Tuition Tax Credit for the remaining $692 balance. The federal tax rate of 15% is applied, giving a refund of $103.80.

Total Savings

Tania will get a refund of $795.80 at tax time, making the effective cost of her course only $588.20.

$1384.00Cost of Course
− $692.00CTC
− $103.80Tuition Tax Credit

$588.20Effective Cost ✔

Your personal tax situation may be different. Please reach out to your personal accountant for further guidance.