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QC's Destination Wedding Planning certification course provides students with the most comprehensive training available to succeed in the wedding industry.

  • Personalized feedback & advice on your assignments from our top industry wedding planning experts
  • Thriving virtual community to connect with other wedding planners, get feedback, and gain access to bonus material
  • Built-in business training to help you launch your career and grow your clientele as a certified destination event & wedding planner
  • Discounts and affiliations with top organizations including Aisle Planner and The Association of Wedding Planners International

Note: Students should have previous training in event and wedding planning, or relevant work experience before enrolling in this course.

What Our Students and Grads Are Saying

We've helped 8000+ students and graduates start their own successful event and wedding planning business!

My experiences were 10/10 overall. As a QC Event School graduate, I would definitely recommend these courses!

Tyler Reid
Tyler Reid
Destination Wedding Planning Course

I started taking my event and wedding planning course shortly after I had my baby. It fits into my lifestyle and my schedule.

Camasha Isaac
Camasha Isaac
Destination Wedding Planning Course

The IEDP™ certification is amazing and definitely has a competitive edge. Being connected to thousands of thriving and inspiring professionals has been the biggest perk for me!

Tamesha Squire
Tamesha Squire
Event Decor Course

The statement that these credentials add to my resume is invaluable. It gives clients reassurance that they're in capable hands.

Tazman Baker
Tazman Baker
Event & Wedding Planning Course

I found it incredibly fun and exciting. I think anyone who decides to take the course would enjoy it very much!

Frances (Fran) Steiner
Frances (Fran) Steiner
Event & Wedding Planning Course

I loved the convenience of doing training online—rather than in-person—because you can do the course a little bit at a time, whenever it's convenient for your schedule.

Ayla Otto
Ayla Otto
Event & Wedding Planning Course

Here's What You'll Learn

QC's comprehensive destination wedding planning course will show you how to turn your clients' wildest wedding dreams into reality. You'll learn how to:

  • Coordinate weddings all over the world: from tropical beaches to receptions in faraway castles
  • Help your clients choose the destination of their dreams, facilitate travel arrangements, and pull together a theme, décor and menu items that perfectly suit the location
  • Organize wedding details and effectively communicate with vendors long distance
  • Use translators, travel agents, and other vendors that play a large role in creating the perfect wedding
  • Network with wedding planners in other countries and market yourself as an expert in planning destination weddings
  • Build your brand and market your new luxury wedding planning services

QC's Destination Wedding Planning Certification

Once you graduate from this course, you'll receive a certificate of completion and the professional designation of Destination Wedding Specialist. Your certificate will reassure clients and employers that you can successfully meet their expectations during the process of planning any destination wedding.

Destination Wedding Specialist (DWS)

Meet Your New Destination Wedding Planning Instructor

Candice Coppola is an incredibly talented entrepreneur and former owner of a wedding planning & design business called Jubilee Events. With her unique flair, she's created amazing events all over the world, from New York to Fiji, and even Costa Rica. She's no stranger to big budgets either, managing events that cost upwards of $1,000,000! With her wealth of knowledge and experience, Candice is a passionate and driven coach, instructor, and mentor, helping aspiring individuals in the event-planning business reach their entrepreneurial goals.

Candice Coppola

Course Outline

The Destination Wedding Planning course is divided into 4 parts, each comprising separate training units.

  • Dive into your role as a destination wedding planner, and find out why clients opt to have destination weddings
  • Learn about the options available to clients who are searching for the perfect location for their special day
  • Explore the top considerations for researching destination wedding locations to help your clients plan the wedding of their dreams

  • Study the unique steps involved in planning a destination wedding planning so that you're well prepared to account for every detail
  • Learn how to calculate estimates and retainer fees, as well as how to assess your client's budgets
  • Find out how you can incorporate themes that add to the beauty of your client's wedding destination

  • Learn about the different types of vendors commonly used in destination weddings
  • Study communication tips to successfully set expectations and timelines with your clients
  • Learn new strategies for communicating from a distance, including how to get past language barriers effectively

  • Study various pricing models and select one that works best for your services
  • Discover how social media marketing benefits your business, from finding new clients to networking
  • Learn how to overcome challenges in destination wedding planning, and study the importance of contingency plans

Have Questions About the Course?

Don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated student support team for guidance and support. Your success is our priority!

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I wanted to earn my event planner certification because I wanted to do it the correct way and get the proper training from professionals with expertise and experience. I also wanted to earn my clients trust. My certification says that I went through the training and am qualified. QC is the only event planning school that offers International Event Planning, which is something that I was interested in.

Camasha Isaac
Camasha Isaac
Destination Wedding Planning Course

This online certification has given me the networks that will last a lifetime! I'm thankful for the recommendation that led me to QC Event School and I am eternally grateful for the knowledge I've retained.

Tyler Reid
Tyler Reid
Destination Wedding Planning Course

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