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Discover a wide range of foundation and specialty courses offered by our online event school.

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Foundation Course

Event & Wedding Planning

QC's most comprehensive and popular course! Learn about all the components necessary to plan successful events and weddings from start to finish.

Foundation Course

Corporate Event Planning

Discover how to plan and promote events such as product launches, galas, meetings, and conferences in this rapidly growing sector.

Foundation Course

Event Planning

Work with a variety of different clients and discover how to plan outstanding events including industry gatherings, milestone parties, holiday parties, and more.

Foundation Course

Event Decor

Expand your creative skills to design an event's mood and aesthetic experience. Learn to coordinate lighting, color, and decor to suit a theme.

Foundation Course

Floral Design

Launch your own business, work for an experienced floral designer, or incorporate your floral design skills into an existing career in event planning.

Foundation Course

Wedding Planning

Exceed expectations by learning to plan unique weddings tailored to your client's wishes, considering cultural variations, budgets, timelines, and more.

Specialty Course

Luxury Wedding & Event Planning

Master planning upscale events and weddings! Handle substantial budgets, network with high-end vendors, and embrace the latest trends.

Specialty Course

Destination Wedding Planning

Gain skills to coordinate stunning destination weddings. Network with travel agents, translators, and niche vendors for unforgettable events.

Specialty Course

Promotional Event Planning

Take your corporate event planning skills a step further by learning how to effectively implement impromptu marketing campaigns, pop-up shops, and more.

Specialty Course

Festivals and Live Events

Explore live-event logistics and use your existing corporate event knowledge to plan both small and large-scale festivals and entertainment events.

Specialty Course

Accelerate Your Business

Learn how to start and grow your event planning business. Work with different marketing tools to help you achieve your business goals faster.

I can definitely say that I would not have gotten off to nearly as strong of a start, had it not been for my training through QC. I learned a lot about how to portray myself as a professional, how to deal with difficult situations, and how to make a space look beautiful and molded to a client's needs.

Madyson Bell
Madyson Bell
Event & Wedding Planning Course

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