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QC's Event & Wedding Planning Certification course provides students with the most comprehensive training available to succeed in the event industry.

  • No previous training required—our premium event and wedding planning course is designed to take you from beginner to expert
  • Personalized feedback & advice on your assignments from our top industry event planning experts
  • Thriving virtual community to connect with other event planners, get feedback, and gain access to bonus material
  • Built-in business training to help you launch your career and grow your clientele as a certified event and wedding planner
  • Discounts and affiliations with top organizations including Aisle Planner and the International Live Events Association

What Our Students and Grads Are Saying

We've helped 8000+ students and graduates start their own successful event and wedding planning business!

I can definitely say that I would not have gotten off to nearly as strong of a start, had it not been for my training through QC.

Madyson Bell
Madyson Bell
Event & Wedding Planning Course

My experiences were 10/10 overall. As a QC Event School graduate, I would definitely recommend these courses!

Tyler Reid
Tyler Reid
Event & Wedding Planning Course

I decided that this was the school for me and took the chance! Looking back, I can confirm that this was the BEST. DECISION. EVER!

Carli Lewis
Carli Lewis
Event & Wedding Planning Course

I discovered a whole new creative insight I never even knew I had! One of my favorite sections was learning about different religions and cultures, and how they celebrate special events differently.

Afton Romrell
Afton Romrell
Event & Wedding Planning Course

The coursework was pertinent to the industry and it was super convenient to do it online! The flexibility fit into my life perfectly.

Carisa Lockery
Carisa Lockery
Event & Wedding Planning Course

The statement that these credentials add to my resume is invaluable. It gives clients reassurance that they're in capable hands.

Tazman Baker
Tazman Baker
Event & Wedding Planning Course

Here's What You'll Learn

QC's comprehensive event & wedding planning course will show you how to:

  • Plan and organize milestone parties, weddings, industry special events, and more!
  • Develop a unique theme, atmosphere, and vision for events with your clients
  • Hire and negotiate contracts with popular and niche event vendors
  • Discuss, create, and balance any client budget with confidence
  • Build your brand and market your new event and wedding planning business
  • Plan a styled shoot and develop a professional portfolio that helps you land new clients

Event & Wedding Planning Certification

Once you graduate from your online event planning course, you'll receive a certification and be able to use the designation of International Event and Wedding Planning Professional (IEWP). The IEWP Event & Wedding Planning certification is approved by the International Live Events Association and cements your credibility as an established industry professional giving you a competitive edge in your local industry!

International Event and Wedding Planning Professional™

An International Team of Instructors

Meet Your New Event & Wedding Planning Instructors

QC is proud to work with leaders of the global event planning industry to develop our courses. Our international team of instructors bring diverse experience and skills to aspiring event planners around the globe.

Mwai Yeboah

Mwai Yeboah

Mwai Yeboah, founder of Love From Mwai and multi-award winning planner, specializes in destination wedding planning. As the lead planner and designer, she transforms weddings and events into immersive experiences for luxury clients worldwide.

Alyssa Perna

Alyssa Perna

Alyssa Perna, Principal of Experience Marketing and Events, brings over a decade of diverse event operations experience, including multinational conferences, festivals, fundraisers, and various social events.

Course Outline

The Event & Wedding Planning Course is divided into 7 parts, each comprising separate training units.

  • Dive into event and wedding planning and explore the ways in which you can create unique event concepts to wow your clients with events they'll remember forever
  • Learn all about the event planning timeline so that you'll be ready to organize and prioritize important tasks
  • Discover how you can work with clients to build a realistic event budget and study strategies to keep your costs on track
  • Learn how to use the different components of an event from decor to the menu to make an event concept come to life

  • Discover how to select ideal venues based on your clients' needs, budget and your event concept
  • Study the pros and cons of different seating arrangements so that you'll be ready to create a plan that accommodates all your client's guests—and looks great at the same time!
  • Learn how to interview caterers and plan a delicious menu with your event concept as well as dietary restrictions in mind

  • Learn how the planning process varies between different types of events including children's birthday parties, themed parties, holiday celebrations and religious rites
  • Discover creative ways to celebrate milestone occasions that your clients will never forget
  • Find out how you can assist clients during difficult times such as planning a funeral, as well as during happy moments including celebrations for religious rites
  • Study the planning processes for industry and special events, as well as for charities and community partners to ensure you're well versed in all types of event planning

  • Practice identifying potential challenges you might face when planning and executing an event, and learn how to develop strategies to help you overcome them
  • Learn to develop effective contingency plans to ensure your events run smoothly even if something doesn't go as planned
  • Explore the types of insurance you may need to protect yourself and your clients from potential risks
  • Rest assured knowing you're always well prepared!

  • Learn about the wedding timeline and study the process of planning your clients' dream wedding step-by-step
  • Discover how you can work within your clients' wedding budget by prioritizing the elements that matter most to each couple
  • Learn how to plan pre-wedding parties, from the bridal shower to the rehearsal dinner
  • Explore how you can help your clients create an appropriate guest list and select wedding stationary to begin their wedding planning journey
  • Study wedding attire and aesthetics so that you can help a bride choose the dress of her dreams, or find a bridesmaid dress that makes the whole bridal party happy

  • Discover what's involved in both civil and religious wedding ceremonies, and learn how you can personalize the ceremony to suit your clients perfectly
  • Learn how to execute a seamless reception by coordinating with vendors, entertainers and other wedding staff
  • Study how weddings are celebrated across a variety of religions and cultures to discover tips to bring traditions together from multiple backgrounds

  • Study the essential components of launching a thriving event planning business
  • Learn how to market and promote your event and wedding planning services to your target audience
  • Explore strategies to network with vendors and maintain professional relationships with clients
  • Learn effective project management strategies to keep your business running efficiently
  • Discover tips to help you plan a styled shoot and build a high-quality professional portfolio that clients won't be able to resist

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I wanted to be able to study on my lunch break, on the couch, at my parents' house when I visit them, etc. I wanted access to a mentor when I needed it, at my own convenience—and that's what I got! I got real feedback, just like I would in an in-person classroom. I also needed the flexible payments that I worked into my budget. Not to mention, I loved the associations partnered with QC. As an event and wedding planner, you're absolutely going to benefit from that!

Tazman Baker
Tazman Baker
Event & Wedding Planning Course

This online certification has given me the networks that will last a lifetime! I'm thankful for the recommendation that led me to QC Event School and I am eternally grateful for the knowledge I've retained.

Tyler Reid
Tyler Reid
Event & Wedding Planning Course

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