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What career paths are available to the certified event planner?

Most people believe event planners only plan small private gatherings and conferences. In fact, there are many different industries where event planners are thriving. Find out where your career as an event planner can take you!

Event Planning Career


Event planners plan a variety of private events, from birthday parties to graduation celebrations to baby showers. Planners often choose to keep their portfolio diverse, especially in the early stages of their event planning career.

A career in event planning is perfect for organized professionals who love coordinating special occasions beyond weddings. You’ll work with clients to plan events for all ages and interests. If you love contributing to heart-warming experiences and celebrating special moments, this is the career for you.

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Wedding Planning Career


Weddings are a $76 billion / year industry, and more and more couples are looking to personalize their special day. Since marriage is such a huge milestone, many couples spare no expense in bringing their dream wedding to life.

Nowadays, there are wedding planners for every type of client under the sun. Start your wedding planning business by taking any opportunity that comes your way. As your wedding business grows, you may discover clients with niche interests. More often, you’ll encounter cultural wedding variations that will require your expertise to plan.

Two of the primary specializations within the wedding planning field are destination wedding planning and luxury wedding planning.

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Destination Wedding Planning


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Focusing on destination weddings will make you appeal to adventure-seeking couples and jet-setters of all walks of life. Since one out of every five weddings is a destination wedding, the expanding industry offers many opportunities for the seasoned wedding planner.

The process of planning a destination wedding involves more logistics than the average wedding. You’ll learn to work with travel agents and partner with the best hotels in the world! Specializing in a particular location allows you to become the authority in your local industry. You’ll become the go-to wedding planning guru in your area, known for planning once-in-a-lifetime weddings and honeymoon getaways.

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Luxury Wedding Planning


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Upscale events, lavish weddings, and awe-inspiring celebrations! Becoming a luxury event and wedding planner requires exceptional attention to detail. Luxury planners work with wealthy clients who are willing to spend more for the highest quality goods and services. Pyro-technic shows, circus performances, and live jazz bands are just a few examples of the types of vendors you’ll want to connect with as a luxury wedding planner.

Don’t be fooled—even when working with a large budget, it isn’t endless. You’re still expected to make the most of your budget while delivering a memorable experience that’s talked about for many months following the big event.

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Corporate Event Planning Career


Corporate event planners will work for businesses of all sizes. According to the Oxford Economics and Events Industry Council, 1.9 million meetings occurred in the United States in 2016.1 Especially as company cultures improve, internal social events are on the rise. Company holiday parties and internal celebrations are a key part of building work-place satisfaction.

External events focus on innovation and creativity. Conferences, tradeshows, and product launches can be both local and trans-national in nature. In-house planners who keep up with innovative trends while anchoring each event toward the company’s ultimate goal can expect positive job growth in this sector.

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Festivals and Live Event Planning


Young girls enjoying ride at festival.

As corporate planners gain more experience, they may find themselves coordinating more luxurious events. These large-budget productions include events in entertainment and athletics. Large-scale celebrity birthday bashes, film wrap-up parties, and Super Bowl half-time shows are all within reach! You could also plan more complex events requiring extensive programming, such as award shows like the Oscars or large expositions like Comic Con. In these cases, you’ll be expected to work with numerous specialty vendors to execute your client’s vision and deliver a top-tier guest experience.

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How can QC Event School’s planning courses help you?

Whether you’re interested in private event planning, wedding planning, live events and festivals, or corporate event planning, you’ll benefit from professional training. Self-trained event planners may know the processes of planning, but they don’t know how to anticipate the needs of various clients. Plus, QC’s professional training courses equip you with comprehensive business training. Whether you want to start your own business or work within an existing company, this training will be a great asset to your career!

Earning an event planning certification proves that you possess these abilities. Your certification training also gives you a solid technical foundation and practical experience. You’ll graduate knowing how to adapt your event planning skills to plan a number of different events across multiple sectors!

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Don’t let your education limit you!

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