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Save $300
Pay only $748 when you pay in full!

Save $100
$188 deposit and 4 installments of $190 for a total of $948

Lowest Monthly Payments
$76 deposit and 12 installments of $81 for a total of $1048

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Accelerate Your Business Workshop

$748 or $81/mo

Take your wedding and event planning business to the next level with our online Accelerate Your Business workshop. You’ll learn about branding, social media, content marketing, search engine optimization and other advanced marketing tools. Additional optional units on business communications, project management and financial management allow you to target the aspects of business ownership you need in order to succeed. Work one-on-one with your tutor to complete a personalized development project that targets your unique business needs.

As a business owner, your work goes far beyond wedding and event planning and décor. To succeed in the industry, you need the business savvy to effectively market yourself, network with vendors, and manage the back end of your business. This workshop builds on the business skills introduced in previous courses to provide advanced business training tailored to the event industry. Invest in your career to gain clients and connections, manage your work effectively, and create a more profitable business.

Prerequisites Required: Students must own a business in the event industry.

 Accelerate Your Business Course Collage

Your Independent Development Project

Independent Development Project

Your business is unique, and so are your business needs. That’s why you have the option of completing a personalized Independent Development Project at the end of your course. Your tutor will get to know you and your business intimately and then she’ll create an advanced assignment covering an area of your business that you’d like to work on. Set up an exclusive Skype session with your tutor for in-depth feedback on your work and learn where your business can go next.

Meet Your Tutors


Athena DeVonne—Owner, Coalesce Creations

Once a QC Event School student herself, Athena has made a name for herself as a leading Dallas wedding and event planner. The rapid success and growth of Coalesce Creations is testament to her expertise as a planner and as a business owner. She channels her talents for creativity, design and networking into every aspect of her work and approaches her business with passion and dedication. As a tutor, Athena is eager to help new event planners achieve business success.


Heather Vickery—Owner and Event Director of Greatest Expectations Special Events and Weddings

Heather’s diverse career includes experience in event design, marketing, hotel sales, authenticity coaching and non-profit event management, all of which she brings to the table as an event planner and business owner. In its sixteen years of operation, Greatest Expectations Special Event & Weddings, Inc. has grown to be one of Chicago’s most celebrated event planning and design firms. Her extensive publication record has helped Heather make a name for herself both locally and nationally.

Workshop Curriculum

Unit A

Unit A

  • Business Evaluation
  • Developing Your Brand
  • Identifying Target Clients
  • Industry Competition
  • Running Promotions
Unit B

Unit B

  • Website Design
  • Social Media Success
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Understanding Website Analytics
  • Gaining Testimonials
Unit C

Unit C

  • Low-Cost Marketing Channels
  • Content Marketing
  • Running a Successful Blog
  • Creating Email Newsletters
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
Unit D

Unit D

  • Building Your Portfolio
  • Managing Photo Permissions
  • Portfolio Professionalism
  • Planning a Styled Shoot
  • Publishing Your Work
  • Creating a Video Portfolio
Unit E

Unit E

  • Vendor Networking
  • Email Skills
  • Creating Proposals
  • Business Documents
  • Verbal Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
Unit F

Unit F

  • Strategies for Organization
  • Single Project Management
  • Wedding Planning Management
  • Corporate Planning Management
  • Planning Methods and Systems
Unit G

Unit G

  • Managing Multiple Projects
  • Prioritization
  • Marketing Management
  • Delegation and Team Management
  • Burnout: Avoidance and Recovery
Unit H

Unit H

  • The Language of Finance
  • Budgeting
  • Understanding Financial Reports
  • Working with Accountants
  • Collecting Payment
Unit I

Unit I

  • Identify a business challenge
  • Complete a personalized assignment
  • Receive one-on-one feedback via Skype
  • Start planning your business’s future

Workshop Materials

Accelerate Your Business Course Material

You’ll receive digital copies of everything you need to complete the workshop including lesson texts, course guides and video tutorials. You’ll also have lifetime access to the Online Student Center. This is where you’ll access your workshop materials, submit assignments, chat with peers, download customizable business forms and templates, and review evaluations from your tutor.

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