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Destination Wedding Planning Specialization

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QC’s Destination Wedding Planning specialization course will show you how to organize and coordinate weddings all over the world. From ceremonies on tropical beaches to receptions in faraway castles, your career as a destination wedding planner can take you anywhere.

You’ll learn how to organize wedding details by effectively communicating with vendors from a distance. See how translators, travel agents, and other vendors play a large role in creating the perfect wedding. You’ll learn how to network with wedding planners in other countries and market yourself as an expert in planning destination weddings.

Help your clients choose the destination of their dreams, facilitate travel arrangements, and pull together a theme, décor and menu items that perfectly suit the location.

Luxury Wedding and Event Planning Course Collage

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Note: This is an advanced course that assumes a degree of knowledge in the event and wedding planning industry. Students should have previous training in event and wedding planning or relevant work experience before taking this course.

Your Professional Certification

Online Luxury Wedding and Event Planning Specialization certificate

Destination Wedding Specialist

Once you graduate from this course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion and the professional designation of Destination Wedding Specialist. Your certificate will reassure clients and employers that you can successfully meet their expectations during the process of planning any destination wedding.

How the Courses Work

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Your Course Curriculum

Unit A

  • Receive a introduction to destination wedding planning, and learn the history of destination weddings
  • Discover popular wedding destinations
  • Find out who your destination wedding clients are
  • Study your roles and responsibilities, as well as your career as a destination wedding planner
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Unit B

  • Study the destination wedding planning process
  • Learn all about the consultation meeting and the contract and retainer fee
  • Learn how to book travel and fulfill the guest experience
  • Find out how to incorporate a theme, and how to plan additional events
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Unit C

  • Learn to work with clients and vendors and know how to communicate effectively
  • Gain strategies for staying organized
  • Discover the types of vendors and how to network with vendors
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Unit D

  • Learn about charging for your services
  • Discover how to market your services
  • Learn about cost per click advertising, as well as social networking
  • Find out how to set the budget
  • Understand contingency planning
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“Let me tell you, the amount of material QC Event School sends is worth every penny, not to mention you have your own tutor who takes their time to help you succeed in the courses you are taking. I will recommend this school to anyone and everyone in a heartbeat — it’s truly amazing work they are all doing.”

—Nichole Sadecky, QC Event School Student

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Your Course Materials

Destination Wedding Course Material

QC sends you everything you need to complete your course, including lesson texts, course guides, and video tutorials on DVDs. You’ll gain lifetime access to the Online Student Center where you can access electronic copies of your course materials. Here, you’ll submit assignments, connect with peers, and review your tutor’s evaluation and audio feedback.

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  • View a sample assignment

  • Watch a course video excerpt

  • Review a complete course curriculum

  • Hear from students who have taken the course

  • Learn about the student/tutor connection

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If you’re organized, have a passion for planning, and enjoy travelling to new places, a career in the destination wedding industry sounds right for you!

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