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$238 deposit and 4 installments of $240 for a total of $1198

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Event & Wedding Planning Course

event and wedding planning course for professionals online

QC’s Event & Wedding Planning Certification course provides students with the most comprehensive training available to succeed in the event industry.

The course combines the Event Planning course and the Wedding Planning course, providing you with the practical skills and tools to start your own planning business or find a job in the event industry.

QC’s most popular course shows you how to:

  • Plan and organize milestone parties, weddings, business meetings, industry special events, and more!
  • Develop a theme, atmosphere, and vision for the event with your client
  • Hire and negotiate contracts with popular and niche event vendors
  • Plan a wedding program with special consideration to any religious or cultural variations
  • Create and balance your client’s budget
  • Market your event and wedding planning business
  • Achieve your client’s goals for their event or wedding

You will graduate with an industry-recognized certification and designation and be ready to launch a successful career in event and wedding planning.

QC’s Event & Wedding Planning course is ideal for those who:

  • Are ready to start their own event and wedding planning business
  • Want to work with an established event and wedding planning firm
  • Aim to work as an in-house planner for an event venue or corporation
  • Plan to achieve maximum earning potential with comprehensive event planner training

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Your Event & Wedding Planner Certification

Event and Wedding Planning Certification


International Event and Wedding Planning Professional™

Upon graduation, you will receive your certification and be able to use the designation of International Event and Wedding Planning Professional (IEWP). Use the designation on your website, business card, contracts, and other marketing materials.

The IEWP Event & Wedding Planning certification is approved by the International Live Events Association and cements your credibility as an established industry professional. You will gain a competitive advantage over other planners in your local industry.

How the Courses Work

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Your Course Curriculum

Unit A

  • Learn about the event planning time frame and processes
  • Discover primary and secondary event components, including event budget creation
  • Learn how to start an event planning business
  • Understand how to plan internal corporate events
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Unit B

  • Discover subtle planning differences when coordinating various events such as milestone, holiday, and themed parties
  • Explore the process of planning social internal corporate events and external corporate events
  • Learn how to market and promote your event and wedding planning services to clients
learn more

Unit C

  • Learn about planning parties for children and teens, religious celebrations and funerals, as well as industry and special events
  • Understand how to work with clients and vendors
  • Introduce and learn to implement project management strategies
learn more

Unit D

  • Introduce and learn the elements of planning a wedding, step by step
  • Discover various wedding roles and how to work with the wedding party
  • Learn the effect of religious, civil, and cultural wedding variations to the planning process
learn more

Unit E

  • Learn about early planning tools to jumpstart the process
  • Discover how to establish the wedding budget, plan pre-wedding parties, and determine guest list and wedding stationery
  • Learn about proper wedding attire and aesthetics
learn more

Unit F

  • Delve into the wedding ceremony and reception planning timeline
  • Learn about reception vendor selection and post-wedding tasks
  • Study special topics in the industry and graduate with your certification
learn more

Review a detailed course outline here.

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Course Materials

Event and Wedding Planning Certificate Program Course Material

When you enroll, you will receive all the course materials you need to complete assignments and graduate from the course. Physical course guides, lesson texts, and instructional videos on DVDs will be sent to you.

Meanwhile, you will gain access to electronic copies of your course materials through your Online Student Center. Here, you will also submit assignments, connect with peers, and review your personal tutor’s evaluation and audio feedback for your assignments. As a graduate of QC Event School, you will gain lifetime access to updated resources on the Student Center.

Download the Course Preview

Download the Event and Wedding Planning Course Preview to get a sneak peek of the course.

  • View a sample assignment

  • Watch a course video excerpt

  • Review a complete course curriculum

  • Hear from students who have taken the course

  • Learn about the student/tutor connection

Ready to Get Started?

If you are great planning, love helping people achieve their goals, and enjoy meeting new people, a career in the event industry could be right for you. Enroll in the Event & Wedding Planning course today and take the first step towards a rewarding career.

When you are a student of QC Event School, you are never alone. QC’s unparalleled Student Support Services will support you every step of the way to help you achieve your career goals faster.

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