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Learning Online

Our professional event and wedding planning courses are structured around online lesson texts, course guides, hands-on assignments, and intensive video tutorials.


Here’s how QC’s Online Student Center works:

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Step 1: Log in

Once you enroll, you’ll be given a personal account for QC’s Online Student Center. Log in to access your course guides, online lesson texts, assignment templates, and video content.

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Step 2: Learning Online

Each course unit includes a course guide: this is your roadmap for the course. You can access your course guides in the Online Student Center. Your course guide will show you which lessons and videos to use for each unit and provide detailed instructions on completing and submitting your assignments online.

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Step 3: Submit Assignments

As you complete your assignments, you’ll upload them to the Online Student Center. Once you click “submit,” your completed assignments will be visible to your tutor, who will review your work and get back to you within 10 business days.

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Step 4: Review Your Tutor’s Feedback

Throughout your course, you will be submitting assignments one unit at a time. At the end of each unit, your tutor will review your work and provide you with a letter grade and audio critique file. They’ll let you know what you did well, and what areas need improvement. You’ll then be able to keep your tutor’s feedback in mind as you move on to your next unit.


Hear sample audio feedback from QC Tutor, Candice Coppola.

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Step 5: Graduate from QC Event School

Once you’ve completed all the required assignments, received passing grades and paid your course fees in full, you’ll be all set to graduate. Your certificate of completion will be mailed straight to your doorstep.

Reach out to QC’s student support team as often as you like throughout your course—we’re here to help! Connect with the team by phone, email or live chat.

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