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Think about how many websites you come across in a day. Of those websites, think about how quickly you have passed on a website because of its poor design.
You might think that a client who praises you to the skies and back, would also be ready to pay you in a reasonable way and on time. Not so fast...
Forging Business Relationships So your business is off the ground. You have a good reputation, an online presence, and have acquired a few clients. Now’s the time to think about partnering with vendors and venues to get greater discounts and traffic to your company. The more partnerships you can forge with vendors, the less you’ll […]
Marketing to Clients As an event/wedding planner, you’ll be involved on both sides of the marketing fence: Business to Customer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B). The first is your traditional marketing to clients. The second is marketing yourself to other businesses who can help you succeed (vendors, etc.) Let’s start with marketing to clients. […]