Webinar: Is a Career in Event Planning Right for You?

Watch Event Planning Expert and QC Tutor Candice Coppola as she walks you through the different skills an event planner should possess, and explains how you can get your business off the ground! Decide if a career in event planning is right for you!

After this webinar, you’ll have a much better idea about whether this is a career path that’s worth exploring further.

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2 responses to “Webinar: Is a Career in Event Planning Right for You?”

    Megan Sarmardin says:

    Thank you for the webinar. Great information to know. I am based in Australia & would love to enrol.

    Giselle Bali says:

    I will be in ottawa around the 23 October would like to meet you and discuss about the possible enrollment and payment plan

    Let me know thank you so much

    Giselle b

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