How to Plan a Spring Wedding in 3 Months

Planning a wedding isn’t always a lengthy process! Some couples want to ‘tie the knot’ sooner, rather than taking longer to plan an elaborate ceremony. How can you help your clients marry faster while still organizing a beautiful wedding? You can use the season to help you plan quickly! Allowing the season to set the tone can give a quickly planned wedding a unique atmosphere. Are your clients eager to get married before moving house? Here are some tips for planning a gorgeous spring wedding in three months!

Use what the season gives you

Each season offers unique features that can be easily incorporated into a wedding, but spring is particularly inspirational. Spring is the time for fresh starts after winter, and it offers a completely new color palette! Take advantage of the scenery by choosing pretty spring colors like pink, green, yellow, purple or blue. Do your clients want a fun tone at their ceremony? Try a bright spring hue that will bring out that same color in the environment around you. Do they want a softer atmosphere? Nothing says ‘spring’ like pastel shades. Having a wedding in the spring allows for lighter color schemes that other seasons don’t feature as well. Using colors that are already blooming outside saves you from having to decorate quite as heavily to tie your surroundings into the atmosphere, which also saves you time.

Spring Bouquet

Simple can be beautiful

Many people who have spring weddings choose a simple DIY feel. This is strategic for weddings that must be planned on a shorter timeline. Instead of waiting on mailing times because you ordered centre pieces or invitations from a catalogue, suggest that the wedding party collaborates to make some things themselves. This way, small details can be personalized and the speed that projects are completed at is more within your control. DIY projects can be kept simple, rather than luxurious, which contributes to the spring atmosphere of new things. DIY projects are also a lot of fun!

DIY Spring Lanterns for Wedding

Work with what’s around you

Your natural surroundings will give you more than just a good choice of color schemes! Spring flowers will be blooming around you, providing free décor for those who choose to have a portion of their wedding outdoors. If your clients have chosen a venue with lots of green space or a garden area, take a look at which flowers are already blooming there and consider working with what nature is giving you. Incorporating surrounding flowers into your wedding décor gives an undoubtedly spring atmosphere and saves you the time and money it would take to bring in so many flowers of your own.

Work with the weather

Spring is a season of unpredictable weather. Rather than wasting time looking at weather forecasts and trying to predict what you should prepare for, be ready to accommodate rain or shine. Choose a venue that yours clients enjoy both inside and outside. Make a plan for what happens if the sun is unseasonably warm, and what you’ll do in the event of a spring shower. Because you’re working with a time constraint, be open to different venue options and stay adaptable. If the venue with your ideal combination of a gorgeous indoor hall and a pretty garden can’t be booked in three months, consider a simple tent with pretty themed décor or a gazebo in a park that provides both a nice outdoor setting and some shelter. These venue options are often easier to book on a tight schedule because they have more availability than churches and halls.

Wedding Tent

‘Rough around the edges’ can be a good thing!

Spring is pretty, but it can also be messy! Snow is melting, rain is falling, and kids are splashing in puddles. No one wants their wedding to be messy, but planning time can be saved by letting things be stylishly ‘rough around the edges’, rather than fighting off nature in an attempt to keep things pristine. For outdoor seating, instead of expensive chairs that must be kept clean, consider vintage looking wooden chairs that give the ceremony a rustic feel and won’t be ruined by a little grass or mud. These might even be quicker to find in your local area. Small adjustments like this make your spring theme more authentic and they can also save you time on strategizing ways to keep nature out.

Add quick, quirky touches!

There are lots of little quirks that can help a spring wedding theme stand out! If you’re worried that the weather might be rainy, consider having the bride, bridesmaids, and flower girls wear cute rain boots that will match their dresses, instead of heels that might sink into the wet ground. Decorate the reception with umbrellas of different colors and styles, or even vintage umbrellas, to tie in the spring theme and perhaps even be used in a spring shower. Instead of throwing confetti down the aisle, why not throw flower petals? Unique touches like these are theme appropriate, and they’re also low maintenance options for planning an entire wedding in three months!

Quirky Wedding Decorations

Looking for more of a theme?

Some clients prefer an actual theme to just a seasonal inspiration. Having an Easter themed wedding is a gorgeous spring option. Because stores will be filled with Easter things in the spring, this theme is also a good option for quick planning. Have the flower girls carry Easter baskets down the aisle or hide chocolate eggs around the venue for the children to find. Each of these touches will be accessible in your local stores in the spring!

Easter Themed Party Planning

Planning a spring wedding in three months doesn’t have to mean throwing things together as quickly as you can. Choosing unique, low maintenance options can save you both time and money, and can also be lots of fun. If you and your clients can work with the resources around you, be adaptable, and really embrace the season, you’ll have an efficient planning process on your hands and you’ll find it easier to meet your three month goal!

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