Athena’s Guide to an A+ in your Event Planning Course: The F.E.E.D. Formula

Athena DeVonne is QC Event School’s newest tutor and a past graduate of the school. Over the past few months of grading students’ work, she’s come up with an interesting formula to help her students (and you!) achieve a perfect grade in their online course.

Once your enroll with QC, we want you to make the most out of your course in order to succeed in the industry! Athena’s F.E.E.D. Formula will help you get there. Watch the video to learn more!

The F.E.E.D Formula


Be sure to format your course work in the manner requested in the assignment. The assignment questions might ask you to describe something, list something, explain something, etc. Be sure to format your answer in the manner requested!


Athena wants you to engage in your assignments. If you’re describing a vision board or a party, for instance, you want to act as if your tutor is your event planning client. The client should be able to visualize exactly what you’re thinking, simply by reading your assignment. With all your assignments, strive to motivate and inspire your tutor!


When writing your assignment, don’t give short answers. Instead, go a little deeper and explain your answer. For example, instead of simply listing a color palette for an event, go a step further and explain exactly how those colors are going to be used in your event. Again, be sure the tutor will be able to visualize your event by reading your assignment!


This is such an important point we’re going to say it again. You want to paint a picture for the tutor in your assignment work. For example, if you have to describe a kid’s party, don’t just list “music, games, food” and nothing else. Instead, dig deeper: explain the type of music, what games you’d plan, the type of food, the specific decorations, etc. Even better, tell a story about how the kids are going to experience the party. That’s what an A+ assignment is made of!

Athena’s Takeaway Message

Don’t just do the bare minimum to get through the event planning course. Instead, take the time to put in your best effort and do the work. Your tutor is there to help you improve your skills, and you will get so much more out of them if you take the time to F.E.E.D. on your coursework!

13 responses to “Athena’s Guide to an A+ in your Event Planning Course: The F.E.E.D. Formula”

    Janine DeMars says:

    How much time is this course and how much money is it going to cost.

    Mireille Pitre says:

    Hi Janine!

    All of QC’s courses are self-paced, so it’s tough to give an accurate estimate of the time it takes to complete the course. I can tell you, however, that most of our students graduate within about 8-10 months, working on their course work a few hours a week.

    In terms of the tuition costs, you can see a full explanation of the course fees and available payment plans here.

    I hope this helps!

    Frances Smith says:

    I think Athena’s video was very informative. Well Done!

    Laurie Wilcox says:

    Great advise for someone who is just starting out 🙂

    Jacqueline Krstic says:

    Athena was very engaging and provided useful information. At this point I don’t have any suggestions however I may provide suggestions as the course goes on.

    Miranda says:

    I am so excited to be starting this course! Thanks for the tips!

    Melva Depradine says:

    How many hours per week is required to be successful in this course? Thanks for the advice.

    Ana Scholtes says:

    Hi Melva, thanks for your comment! 🙂 You can be successful in this course regardless of the rate at which you study. Even if you’re only putting in an hour or two a week, that’s better than nothing! The beauty of our courses is that they are entirely self-paced, so you get to decide how often you study and for how long – whichever is the best method for your own unique study habits. For example, one student might find it beneficial to sit down for an entire evening and work through their lessons and assignments in one or two sittings, while another student might find it easier to read one lesson a night and finish their assignments over a span of a few weeks. 🙂 I think you’ll soon find what the best method is for you. If you do need some study tips to get you started, check out this blog article.
    I hope that helps!

    Adriana says:

    Athena, useful practical info. Thanks.

    I didn’t start yet with studying but I feel like some or all our assignments will be a chance for us to kind of “writing a book” that has to get you completely involved in.
    May be in the next video you could list the things that must be avoided during the first chat with a client. The major errors that you or any other’s experience have done in the past and have learned from.

    Thank you again.

    Miyu says:

    I’m very excited to do the assignments after given these tips!

    Leedah Caraang says:

    Wow! Thank you Athena!
    I enrolled to QC Event and Wedding Planning course, I will definitely take your advise.
    I haven’t done looking at the QC Event school Site and I am well excited to start it today.
    Many thanks for your supports and advice in advance.

    Cynthia says:

    Don’t have any suggestions yet… looking forward to digging in and learning 🙂

    LaQuisha Mitchell says:

    Perfect Advice for someone just getting started with the courses, such as myself… I will definitely keep it in mind as I complete my assignments…. Look forward to hearing more of your great advice in the future… Maybe some advice on what it would take to successful in the event planning industry (besides taking these courses) for someone with little or no experience.

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