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Fun Baby Shower Games

Besides celebrating with friends and family (or the delicious themed cake), playing silly games is the best part of attending a baby shower. Games and activities break the ice between guests who have never met and let people bond over their excitement for the new baby while Mom-to-be enjoys a few care-free hours with friends.

Event planners take the stress of party planning off pregnant clients’ shoulders. Give your clients the best baby shower experience by organizing games that are fun without being so silly that guests are discouraged from participating. Check out these baby shower games that will help your client and their guests loosen up and have fun without hesitating.

1. Create-a-baby

Before the shower, ask Mom-and Dad-to-be for a clear picture of each. Use one of the many online generators that let you create a baby picture from two photos. First, make one using the parents. Next, swap each parent in and out for celebrities. Show each one on a tablet, laptop, or TV screen at the shower. Have guests guess the “parents” of each baby. They’ll love seeing how adorable (or not) each “baby” turns out.

Mom and baby on scenic hike

2. Bottle chugging races

Did you ever have “boat races” in college, competing to see which team could finish their drinks first? Have guests break out their chugging skills to play the game with one twist: they’ll chug from a baby bottle! Split guests into two teams and give each person a bottle of juice. Line each team up facing each other and start at one end. When the first person finishes their bottle, the second person starts chugging. Whichever team finishes all of their bottles first wins!

3. Advice for Mama

Get a scrapbook with blank pages and some small envelopes. Paste empty envelopes face down on each page. Put out pens and some blank cards so each guest can write advice for the mother-to-be and slide their card into an envelope. Near the end of the party, your client can read out the advice in each envelope and the book can be a keepsake.

4. “Baby” songs

No, we don’t mean nursery rhymes! Set a timer and have guests to write down as many songs they can think of with the word “baby” in the title. When time’s up, have them read their lists. Whoever has the most (real) songs on their list wins a prize.

5. What’s in a name?

If your client is willing, you can turn their name reveal into a shower game. Set up jars for girls’ first and middle names and boys’ first and middle names (unless she already knows the baby’s sex). Each guest can suggest names they like, names they think your client might choose, or even joke names. Have your client dip into each jar and read the suggestions aloud. If she’s already chosen a name, she’ll get a kick out of people’s predictions and enjoy revealing her real choice at the end. If she hasn’t chosen a name yet, maybe she’ll find a suggestion she really likes!

Baby names for baby shower games

6. Diaper derby

Put guests’ diaper changing skills to the test, but with the extra challenge of a blindfold. Split them into two teams and give each team a life-sized doll already wearing a diaper, a spare diaper, and enough blindfolds for each person. The first person on each team should put on their blindfold, remove the doll’s diaper, put on the spare, and pass it on. The first team to reach the end of the line with a diaper successfully on their doll wins! Guests will enjoy seeing how fast and how well diaper changing veterans can work compared to amateurs.

7. Through the ages

Before the shower, get pictures of your client at different ages. If she’s a good sport, have her give you the funniest ones she can find. At the party, show the pictures and have each guest write down how old they think your client is in each. The person who guesses the most pictures correctly wins! This game is a guaranteed laugh for guests who knew your client back then and perhaps even funnier for those who didn’t.

8. Baby bucket list

Have each guest suggest one thing for your client to do with their baby in their first year. Guests can list anything from things they wish they’d done with their babies, things their parents did with them, or even joke ideas. Tape poster paper to the wall that guests can write suggestions on with markers or, if your client is sentimental and would like to keep the list, have them write ideas in a blank book. She can check off the things she does with Baby throughout the year.

Mom and baby on scenic hike

9. Baby charades

The same rules apply as regular charades, but make it baby themed! Split the guests into two teams and have each person who acts choose a card from a pile with phrases like “changing a dirty diaper”, “rocking a baby to sleep” and “giving birth”. Baby charades can be especially fun at a co-ed baby shower where Grandpa might end up acting like he’s going into labor.

10. Diaper designers

Your client is about to change more diapers than she knows what to do with. Guests can brighten up future changings by customizing diapers at the shower. Set out diapers (cloth or disposable will do) and permanent markers and let guests write good morning messages, draw pictures, or doodle colorful designs on the back. After the party, mix the decorated diapers in with the rest. When your client is up in the middle of the night changing diapers, finding a message from her best friend written across her baby’s bum will give her a laugh.

Having a variety of activities is the best way to show everyone a great time. Outgoing guests will like pairing up with other people, while shyer guests might enjoy putting their art skills to the test. Your client will love seeing her friends and family laugh as they celebrate together.

Do you have a great baby shower game idea that isn’t on our list? Tell us all about it in a comment below!

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