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10 Unique and Unexpected Wedding Destinations

There isn’t a couple in the world that doesn’t want their wedding to be unique. If you’re creative, there are countless ways to make a wedding stand out from the rest. You can make little details special by using unconventional decorations or by incorporating a very personalized theme that other couples might not think of. For some, however, a few novelty quirks aren’t enough to set their special day apart. One sure fire way to plan a truly unique wedding is to choose an original and unexpected destination for the ceremony and reception. An extraordinary setting can transform the day into an outstanding and memorable experience, rather than just a nice night with noteworthy details. Check out these ten remarkable wedding destinations ideas!

1. For the couple who loves to travel: An old railway station

Trail station wedding destinations

Did your clients meet while touring Europe after college, bonding on long train rides between countries? Couples with wanderlust will get a thrill out of the way an old train station reminds them of their travels. During pictures along the abandoned tracks and dinner on the platform, they’ll enjoy the metaphor of starting their “journey” together where actual journeys started. Consider the countryside romance provided by Horsebridge Station in Hampshire, England or the historic beauty of the Southern Station in Knoxville, Tennessee.

2. For the couple who loves winter: A glacier

Do your clients count down the days until its cold enough to skate, ski, and snowshoe? They’ll enjoy the ultimate winter wedding venue: a glacier! Pearson’s Pond luxury inn helps couples and planners organize wedding ceremonies on the glaciers of Juneau, Alaska. Picture the wedding party against a breathtaking backdrop of crisp mountains. Think of the winter activities they can enjoy right away as part of their honeymoon. Would the bride prefer a glacier outside the U.S.? Consider Isobel Glacier in Mt Aspiring National Park, New Zealand!

3. For the couple who loves the great outdoors: A campsite

Unique wedding destinations at campsites

Do your clients spend their weekends sleeping under the stars by a campfire? Rather than organizing a regular ceremony with a camping trip honeymoon, why not do it all at once? Gorgeous wilderness destinations like Clayoquot Wilderness Resort on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada give guests an outdoor camping experience without forcing the bride to get ready in a collapsible tent. Guests experience the new “glamping” (or glam camping) phenomenon, savoring the relaxation of disconnecting from the busy world while still enjoying accommodations fit for a special occasion.

4. For the couple who loves the beach: A private island

Do your clients adore fun in the sun? There’s nothing better than a tropical destination for couples who love the sand and sea. Beach weddings are nothing new, but choosing a location with more privacy than the average resort completely changes the experience. Caribbean islands like Petit St Vincent, in the southern Grenadines, give couples the ultimate private beach treatment by renting them the entire island! Clients will enjoy all the perks of a tropical vacation and all the convenience of a resort, but without the risk of wedding crashers.

5. For the couple who loves adventure: A cave

Unique wedding destinations in caves

Did your clients start dating on a white water rafting trip and get engaged while sky diving? Balance their taste for adventure with the class of a special occasion by planning the wedding in a natural cave. Picture the Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia lit up with a warm glow and decorated with flowers to contrast shadows and color. After the ceremony, guests can enjoy dinner, a party, and even an overnight stay at the Caves house. It’s the perfect combination of thrill seeking and elegance.

6. For the couple who loves live concerts: A music festival

Did your clients meet in the front row at their favorite band’s concert? If they’re crazy about live music, their next concert experience could also be their wedding day! Live shows inspire countless impromptu engagements, but some couples love musical experiences so much that they’ve actually married at festivals like Burning Man in Reno, Nevada, Coachella in Indio, California, or Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee. Organizing a music festival wedding might sound hectic, but imagine the energy of celebrating that special day with thousands of people who share the same passion! Hundreds of different music festivals take place all over the world each year, giving your clients a hugely diverse choice of venues.

7. For the couple who loves movies: A film studio

Are your clients always updated about the latest box office hits? What could be more unique, and totally fitting for two movie buffs, than getting married at a film studio? Pinewood Studios, a well-known TV and film studio in Iver Buckinghamshire, England, is the perfect venue for them. Besides being the location for motion pictures like James Bond and Harry Potter, Pinewood studios also boasts Heatherden Hall, an elegant nineteenth century manor home that balances novelty perfectly.

8. For the couple who loves to have fun: A tree house

Are your clients spontaneous and always looking for fun? They’re the perfect couple for a really quirky wedding venue, like a tree house! Great for small parties, a tree house wedding combines exciting new beginnings with nostalgic childhood memories. Plus, it’s just plain fun! The Lodge on Loch Goil in Argyll, Scotland sits above the water and overlooks the gorgeous highland countryside. It’s a one of a kind experience that perfectly balances novelty and elegance for a truly memorable, family-friendly day.

9. For the couple who loves to read: A bookstore

Bookstore for unique wedding destinations

Are your clients total bookworms? What could be more fitting than a bookstore or historic library? Consider the Housingworks Bookstore in SoHo, New York city, where couples can celebrate among ceiling high shelves of literary works. If that isn’t unique enough, the store has been featured in many TV shows and movies, like Law and Order, Sex and the City, and Enchanted and rental profits go toward supporting local people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Guests can socialize, rediscover their love of reading, and support a good cause just by attending. If your clients love the literary theme but prefer another destination to New York, why not consider a historic library? Many gorgeous libraries across the world host weddings, making the perfect unconventional destination.

10. For the couple who loves the stage: A theater

Did your clients meet as cast members in a musical? They’ll love the idea of celebrating in a place they both adore—the theater! Many historical theaters host weddings around the world, so clients can choose from countless destinations while still feeling at home through their passion for the stage. Consider the stunning Wells Theater in Norfolk, Virginia, where clients can take portraits in the boxes and profess their love on the stage like so many of their beloved protagonists.

Create memorable events!

Couple at unique wedding destination

These destination venues make for outrageous and picturesque experiences, but they’re also useful inspiration. What if the bride loves the look of the Wells Theater, but would rather be married in France? There are hundreds of gorgeous historic theaters around the world, and most of them host special events. These destinations are spectacularly unique, but not so unconventional that they can’t be done elsewhere to make your clients happy.

What are some of your favorite unique wedding destinations that people don’t normally consider? Leave a comment below!

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