Wedding Centerpiece infographic

Infographic: An Easy Guide to Centerpieces

As an event planner and event decorator, clients will look to you for advice about their centerpiece arrangements. It’s important to know the terminology of the various vases available so that you can communicate effectively with your vendors. Clients will also want to know which flowers can save them money on their budget! Check out the most common flower types for modern events and weddings and how they rank in terms of cost.

Use this handy infographic to help you visualise the perfect centerpiece to fit your clients’ needs!

Centerpiece guide

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Here’s some more information to help you further!

  • Capri: Ideal for holding large flowers
  • Column: Used for flowers with full blooms
  • Orb/Round: Ideal for flowers with short stems
  • Barrel: Ideal for long stemmed flowers
  • Stem: Ideal for sleek arrangements with 1 or 2 flowers
  • Rectangular: Ideal for short stemmed arrangements
  • Bottle: Ideal for 1 to 2 flowers
  • Cube: Ideal for short stemmed flowers in large bunches
  • Bouquet: Ideal for arrangements of medium fullness and long-stemmed flowers
  • Handkerchief: Ideal for medium stem lengths
  • Slim: Idea for a single flower
  • Posy: Idea for arrangements consisting of a small number of stems with large blooms
  • Hurricane: Ideal for arrangements with full blooms
  • Saucer: Any shapes of vase that comes with a saucer to steady an arrangement
  • Jug: Ideal for tall-stemmed flower arrangements
  • Candelabra: Flowers are wired into a circular base in order to keep them from falling over

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