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Am I Too Old or Too Young to Become an Event Planner?

For many people, becoming an event planner is something they choose to do as soon as they discover their passion for coordination, detail, and celebration. For others, the choice comes later on after other career paths and years of consideration.

The beautiful thing about event planning is that it’s never too early or too late to begin learning professional techniques. As long as you can stay calm under pressure, think critically about details and timelines, and remain willing to learn, you’ll be prepared to take the first steps toward professional event planning at any age.

“Am I too young to become an event planner?”

When it comes to learning basic planning techniques and building a good foundation for professional training, you are never too young!

Any person with a passion for coordinating details and celebrating life’s landmarks should begin practicing whenever they can. In fact, the younger you start planning your own events (think birthday parties, sleepovers, etc.), the more time you have to improve and explore your skills.

young professional event planner

It is true that many event planning programs or colleges require you to be at least 18 to enroll. There are some, however, that understand how the passion for event planning can start at a young age. Some programs accept students as young as 16, as long as a parent or legal guardian is willing to sign a consent form giving them permission to enroll.

In most places, event planning is an unregulated industry. States and provinces that do require licensing, however, also require you to be at least 18 years old to take the test. Remember that this doesn’t mean you can’t train earlier and gain experience until you’re old enough to be licensed. Certain regions might even license planners under 18, as long as they can provide pro7of of completed professional training.

If your local area doesn’t permit training or licensing until you’re 18, don’t be discouraged! Use online resources to help you begin practicing, or at least thinking about, basic skills. Google event planning blogs or vlogs and read planning magazines to introduce yourself to themes, décor styles, strategies, and trends. Use reputable resources as a research guide!

Here’s a list of where you can find event planning trends & inspiration.

outdoor summer dinner party event with friends

The best thing you can do is practice. Help your mom plan her dinner party or throw your best friend an extravagant surprise birthday. You can even build a small portfolio to present to the programs you apply to later. People might not pay you for the first few parties, but your friends and family make great practice if they’re willing to let you take the reins. The more experience you have before training, the higher your chances of being accepted into the program of your choice when you’re old enough.

“Am I too old to become an event planner?”

As long as you’re passionate about event planning and willing to learn new things, you are never too old to become a professional planner! In fact, many planners start their careers after years of working in other industries, raising children, or debating whether they’re ready to commit.

For some, a later start is actually beneficial because they’ve already achieved goals and reached personal or professional milestones. Many older planners are prepared to devote their full attention to event planning. They’ve also had a chance to gain relevant life experience that might make them attractive candidates for training programs and potential clients.

Event planning programs, colleges, and licensing boards have no age limit for seeking professional training or becoming legally licensed. As long as you’re able to complete the tasks required by the planning process, you are not cut off from training as a planner just because you reach a certain age.

older certified event planning professional

Getting your first clients

No matter what age you are when you begin your event planning career, attracting your first clients can be intimidating. You can make it easier by knowing where your target market lies, which can be influenced by your age.

In the public’s eye, a young event planner might appear trendy, fashionable, and up to date on the latest social and pop culture trends. This doesn’t mean that older planners can’t be these things too! It simply means that younger planners might have better luck targeting a younger crowd of potential clients than they would with more mature groups.

For example, young girls planning their “sweet 16” or graduation parties might be more attracted to event planners that are closer to their age. Mature planners are just as capable of planning awesome teen birthdays, but clients like to work with planners they can identify with. A 16 year old might be more excited to work with someone closer to their age who probably likes the same things as her.

young millennial wedding trends

Mature planners often have the best luck working with clients in a similar demographic to their own age as well. An elderly married couple looking for help with their glamorous 50th wedding anniversary will probably feel more comfortable hiring a mature planner with more life experience than they will hiring someone very young who perhaps hasn’t experienced many anniversaries of their own yet. Once again, this isn’t because young planners can’t coordinate classy events for older crowds! Clients might simply see themselves reflected in the experiences of a planner closer to their own generation.

Identifying your target market is a crucial step to building a client base in any business. Event planners are no exception. Don’t restrict who you’ll work with simply because of your age, but keep in mind which groups might be most keen to work with you. Who will identify with your experiences and style? A trendy young event planner could very easily be hired by an elderly lady hoping for a fun and exciting 90th birthday party and an older planner might be hired by a young mother planning a baby shower because she wants to work with someone who has been in her shoes. Don’t let yourself stress over whether or not you’re too young or too old to find clients. Instead, use your age to your advantage and market yourself to clients who will value your life experiences!

large party for older generation planned by mature event planner

Get practicing!

Regardless of your age, pursuing your passion for event planning is worth the time and effort. You should never be discouraged by other people questioning whether you are too old or too young to become an event planner. Professional planning is the type of industry where you are constantly learning and growing, no matter your age or experience level. If you have the dedication to develop your skills from basic to advanced, then you have the potential to excel at any point.

Check out the must-read books for event planners and brush up on your industry knowledge!

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    Morgan says:

    Great article! As a young person pursuing a career as a wedding and event stylist, I found this article very encouraging! 🙂

    Jessica says:

    I love that this addressed the age issue! I’m always wondering about it, but I liked how you said that you can actually be more relatable being younger to certain clients. Great article! 🙂

    Milena says:

    Love this article. When I first started my events course I was worried that I am too young for this profession, but as I kept on going and completing my assignment I realised how many ideas I could come up with which made me feel more confident about myself.

    Julia says:

    Great article!

    You’re never too old!

    Elizabeth says:

    Good evening just please tell me I am 42 years old and I want to learn to be a wedding planer can I learn to be one and how can a learn toe be one and where can I go for a course, I live in south Afrika and really want to be one please help me thanx Elizabeth

    Luma says:

    Great article!

    Adelaida says:

    I agree! I love the fact that age isn’t an issue and no matter how old you are its never to late to do something you love.

    Kayla Fentress says:

    You are never too young or old to become an Event Planner. This is ones career that requires no age requirement. If this is something you desire then I believe you should follow your heart. This was an excellent read!

    Arlinda M. says:

    I’m so happy I decided to take on this online course with QC Event School. This career choice is great for everyone! Thanks for a great article!

    Arlinda M. says:

    This career choice is great for everyone! No matter what age you are, its all about passion and what you love to do. I was trying to find a career that i was passionate about but always worried about age…whenI came across QC event school, I knew that this was the right career for me. Thanks for a great article!

    Annabelle Rollin says:

    I really loved and appreciated this article! I am nineteen years old and when I will be fully certified to be an event and wedding planner I will only be 20 1/2 and it feels great to know that I can do some serious work at such a young age.

    Thank you.

    Truly inspiring article!

    Enrique says:

    It really gets me pumped up reading articles like this were they tell u everything understanding that u might not be the most knowledgeable .

    AGabriel says:

    They’re right! It does not matter how old how young how much experience how little experience you have its all about your passion behind what you do! Im excited to say im enrolled and ready to GET STARTED!!! And im 25!! 🙂

    lisa moore says:

    You are never too old or too young to follow your dreams

    sandra slaughter says:

    I don’t vthink you can be to young or to old. If it somrthing that yiu love to do and enjoy working in the industry and can make people happy why not.

    Chelsea says:

    Just the confidence booster I needed!

    Anything is possible! 🙂

    What is holding you back? Make your dreams come true by planning someone else’s.

    Love it!!! Cheers 😀

    Anna says:

    I don’t think you are ever too young or too old. If have the passion then I say, “GO FOR IT!”

    Jessica Autrey says:

    Thanks for a great article! At 32 I’m excited as I begin my career as a wedding and event planner!

    Dorothy says:

    I have always enjoyed event planning.. If there is an event to be held, I am volunteering to put it together…free of charge at that! I can stay up for hours, into the late night hour, planning an event and still go to work with lots of energy. 🙂 This is my passion, I love planning and detailing; it feels good to see others enjoying my work and creativity! Once I retire from my job, (I plan to retire early, in the near future), I would like to become a professional event and wedding planner. Like the article says…” As long as you’re passionate about event planning and willing to learn new things, you are never too old to become a professional planner.”

    Alexandria says:

    From a young age I knew I wanted to become a wedding and event planner. It wasn’t just a momentary thing or developed from the trendy boards of Pinterest, but something that continuously stuck with me over the years. Having planned several events and showers for close friends and family, even my own wedding set for February, I knew this was what I am destined to do. Originally I felt being in my early 20s was too young, but learned very quickly passion and professionalism outweigh the factor of age! After 2 years of contemplating when the “right” time was to launch a career in the field, I finally enrolled.

    Samantha says:

    I think that addressing the age issue is such an important aspect of the learning process. Everyone should know that it doesn’t matter how old you are, or how young. What matters is that whatever you choose to do, you do it with passion. I like that this article showcased that.

    Jessica Hiestand says:

    This is such a great article! This relieves all stress I had about becoming an event/wedding planner.

    Thank you for the great read and advice.

    Trena Jones says:

    Really good article! I’ve retired from military service and have been working full time for a few years ow. I’ve always enjoyed planning events for family and friends. I recently OFFICIALLY started Event & Wedding Planning as my third career! Good to know it’s never too late to follow your dreams!

    Tiffany Gaines says:

    QC School is amazing!

    Kate says:

    I love this! I started this program back in 2008 and I haven’t started a business yet, but I have seen and worked with event planners of all ages and they all have interesting and different things to offer!

    Jacqueline Piontkowski says:

    In 2008 when I turned 19 I started my journey to become a wedding planner. I didn’t finish until this past December (2015). I can honestly say I wasn’t ready at 19 to take on the role of wedding planner, but after years of being an administrative assistant, planning my own wedding, and helping 10 of my friends plan theirs, I’m ready! Cheers to those younger than me who are kickin’ butt, and to those older than me who have better experience than I could ever imagine. Anyone can become a great planner as long as they are motivated and willing to never give up! I am thankful life took the course that it did because I feel more ready than I ever did when I was 19.

    Olivia Reil says:

    I started interning for floral shops and wedding planners while in high school. By the time I was nineteen I knew abundance of information about the wedding and event industry. QC Help me put my knowledge into skills and professional traits. I’m 21, I have my first bride and have work in hotel wedding venues, with upscale and well known wedding planners, I have also have worked in catering and floral design. When I go to a interview, I shock those when my age is asked. I don’t believe age matters, as much as integrity, passion and motive for what you do. I believe that the first impression matters, if you are prepared and ready, you should have no problems in the industry. There is a lot of respect for those how are flexible, extremely nice in all situations and have strong direction in each task they pursue. For all those how are younger, a nice business causal outfit, some business cards and wedding or event knowledge can go along way. Don’t be shy to share other of your traits as well, such as decor, design or floral, calligraphic, catering, etc. You will be surprise where life can take you while using all your skills.The beauty of this career you can mold it into almost anything.

    SemajB3 says:

    Age is a state of mind. This article addresses all the factors to be considered in starting “a new” and entering the world of event production and management. A great resource for younger individuals looking for a career path and even better for those more seasoned professionals looking to perfect their skills and making themselves more marketable! 2 Thumbs Up

    Martha says:

    Interesting topic and needless to say it’s important to remind people that whatever age you are you can do a great job in this field. In my mind age is a state of mind more than anything else. You’re not a day younger or older than you feel yourself and I think if you look at it that way it can get you a long way with event planning for clients of different age groups.

    Caitlin says:

    Very informative article. So many people struggle with age when it comes to the right career, especially when it comes to needing experience. Really puts a new spin on things in the sense that you will make it as long as you have passion and believe in yourself.

    Marlene says:

    Event planning should have been my first career instead of my 5th! Thanks for making it so easy to do now.

    Kara Wenzel says:

    Great article. I always like reading about how to kick start and get clients when just starting out.

    Sharissa says:

    Love this article. You are never too old to start doing something you love!

    Sydney says:

    I am young and was nervous that I would not be taken seriously in the industry as I have limited experience in wedding or other events. I love this article as it took away the doubt I had beforehand. Looking forward to a career in the industry!

    Regina Corbett says:

    WOW! This was right on time. I can relate to the age issue. Regardless of my age, I am pursuing my passion for event planning. I feel it is worth the time and effort.

    Kristine Hardy says:

    Never too old!

    Gina Pelegrinoq says:

    I’m a 44 year old stay at home mom, but my youngest has been in school full time for the past 5 years! The last couple of years I’ve been thinking of what I want to do for a career and finally figured out that I have wanted to do this all my life, but didn’t realize I could have made a career out of event planning! I thought I might be too old to start now especially with my 45th birthday fast approaching, however after reading this article it has given me the confidence that I needed so THANK YOU!!!!

    Gina Pelegrino says:

    I just realized that my last name is misspelled above, there’s no “q” at the end. I wish I could edit this.

    Tonya Trimpe says:

    I really liked this article! It gave me great motivation to continue my education in event and wedding planning.

    Stephanie Gaines says:

    i think it’s awesome to follow your dream! don’t let age define what you can and can’t do! this blog is so inspirational, and motivational!

    Jamie says:

    I love how it doesn’t matter point you are in your life that you can decide to become an event planner.

    Stefania says:

    I think that it’s never to late to do what you really what to do in life. It can be scary to go through a career change but it is worth it!!!!

    Jessica Autrey says:

    You’re never to old or to young to pursue your dreams!

    Tasha says:

    I agree with the writer that you never to old or young to be an event planner. Each generations is different and we can learn from each other on a day to day basics. This is a great article!

    Ashley Laurenson says:

    There’s no age to young or old to start following your dream!!!

    Melva Depradine says:

    This article is very informative. It should not matter what your age is but your potential to complete your duties and ensure your clients are satisfied and happy.

    Ruth Maldonado says:

    Really interesting that this post is addressed to the age. Ever since I remember my mom has been planning events for our family and friends, but every time I suggest her to start her own business she says “she’s too old” for a career change even though she’s really good at planning. I personally didn’t decided to pursue this career until last year because I thought I was too young and people wasn’t going to take me seriously. This is definitely an issue we need to talk about more and help others realize you are never too old or too young to follow your dreams.

    Sammy Duncan says:

    Although I like the idea of “being younger is relatable,” but to me, I believe older is wiser. There is so much to say about wisdom and the idea of being a parent-like wedding planner. He/She (wedding planner) could keep his/her own interested apart from the wants and needs of the client.

    Gayle Douglas says:

    Great article, Thanks for writing this up. I’m about to turn 36 and have just embarked on this journey after many years of just dreaming about it. Your article made me feel like it’ll all be ok! 🙂

    Neeley Lawrence says:

    When I first thought about being a professional planner, I never though of age being considered for clientele. I am glad that this article was posted to let us know how to find our clients. This is good information that I will keep in the back of my head, so when I am done with school, I know where to look for clients. Thanks again for the information.

    Maurica Henville says:

    Thank you for such a very informative article and I believe that a person is neither too old or too young to follow their dreams.

    Annalicia says:

    This is actually really helpful. When I was 15-18 I ran two major events for my school with more than 200 people. I felt discouraged for a second because there are more steps involved than what I am used too but I will constantly be trying to succeed. Thanks (:

    Zoe Brooks says:

    I don’t think you can be too old to follow your dream and make yourself a better person. If you have the ambition and drive to do well and succeed then you should go ahead and do it, age is just a number and doesn’t mean you should not be able to do it. Believe in yourself or how are your clients suppose to if you don’t?

    Rachel Cline says:

    This article is great! I love that QC, even in the course material they are so encouraging! So glad that I found QC when I did! I have already graduated collage for something else and that didn’t end up working for me and I found out that I could be an event/wedding planner at the age of 25 and events have been something I have always loved and didn’t know I could make it my career! Its never too late!

    Jessica Allen says:

    I am currently 19, and never imagined that I would love this as much as I do. I am currently studying Wedding Planning and Luxury Wedding Planning and I am going to start my own business. I have never had this much motivation until I found this career. Sure, I am worried about people will not take me seriously because I am young but that should not matter if I have the certification from a great school and the talent to pull such a amazing event off. I love this school and this has been the best opportunity to learn and start my path in life that suits me best.

    samantha says:

    Great article! 🙂

    Renee Gibbons says:

    Great article – very insightful!

    Sarah says:

    I was so pleased to read this article. I have been struggling with the decision whether to go ahead and enrol in the course and move forward with this career as I am well past the age of most starting a new career, however, I decided that my past work and life experience can only work in my favour and the article confirmed any misgivings I may have had. Great article, thank you.

    Ashley Z says:

    Excellent article! I decided to pursue a career in event planning after working a few years as an office manager. I felt that I needed more business experience before starting my own company so I definitely liked reading an article about being both “too young” and “too old”. Nice to see all sides of the spectrum!

    Olivia says:

    I think that’s one of the best parts of Event planning. No matter how old, young, or whatever time of life you’re in, you can always pick up from wherever you are and start at it. All the while having a family, another job, whatever. And tones of fun too!

    Grace says:

    Love this article. I think this not only relates to wedding & event planning but every aspect of your life. No matter what you choose to do, if your passionate about it this will come across to your clients and they will have complete faith in you. The only obstacle is your own doubts in yourself. We are all awesome!! Good luck with all your ventures ladies & gentleman.

    Michelle Marks-Osborne says:

    After more than 2 decades in my field and finally settling on having my next career and business in Event/Wedding Planning, I am so glad that I’m not too old to switch gears and do what makes me happy!

    Mykia says:

    Thank you for this wonderful article. If it is your dream or if something makes you happy then you should do it. No doubts.

    Cynthia says:

    You’re never too old to start a new career!

    Hillary says:

    Initially I thought I was too young to plan any event despite having planned my own birthday and dinner parties growing up. This article reassures me that I can do it regardless of my age. Great article!

    shawntika says:

    never give up on life

    Shante says:

    I love this article….I don’t think age matters when it comes to planning a good event!

    Danielle Pullen says:

    This is such great motivation, i am so glad i read this!!! can’t wait to start 🙂

    Nikeida says:

    I don’t think you are ever to old to do ANYTHING. As long as you have breath in your body and the will you can achieve anything you set your mind too. This is definitely motivation to anyone who feels that they want to give up because of the “cants”. This article reinforces the “can”

    Klaudia says:

    motivating and encouraging for everybody who still has doubts You should always follow your dreams and the age is not an issue !

    Laura says:

    Interesting article. I agree, its all about how you market yourself, no matter what your age is. There really is a sales aspect in booking clients, so it would be important to find ways to relate to young and older clientele.

    Kendra Lewis says:

    Age is nothing but a number, Keep pushing and striving!!!

    Monica says:

    A New Year, a new me. I’m excited for this article, and ready to push forward onto great things!

    Norma says:

    I feel that I am at the perfect age for this career.

    Danielle says:

    I completely agree with the age thing! When I was a kid I thought I’d want to be a wedding planner, but I never knew how to do that. I just figured there were special people for that (because I was a kid). But now, I’m 25 and love my career doing this! I finally get to be one of those special people I looked up to as a child! 🙂

    Julie says:

    You are never too old! As long as you know and understand trends and what the bride wants, you are set! Follow your dreams/heart!

    Cherita says:

    This is a wonderful article. Anyone having second thoughts about following your dreams should be inspired by this.

    Heidi says:

    Age really doesn’t matter. Planning weddings can be both great as a career choice and a retirement plan. You can start early and plan weddings for a living or you can start later in life and use it as a passing of time in retirement or as a career change. Wedding planning is just a matter of skill and talents, not age. Follow your dreams no matter how young or old.

    Sandra (Royal Panache) says:

    Great Article! Age should never be a limited in who you are and what you want to become. This is a great encouragement to all who are wondering how age will affect them in this industry. Two thumbs up 🙂

    Christina says:

    Great Article!!! I started planning parties when I was in fifth grade but never really thought I could make a career out of it. Now in my thirties I was hoping it wasn’t too late. Glad to read this is an industry that doesn’t discriminate against age. 🙂

    Michelle says:

    Great article. You are never to young to pursue your are passion. I believe identifying your passion at an early age gives you a more fulfilling life, especially when you go for it!

    Carly Nelson says:

    Good article and great topic! Really helped reassure me that I am on the right path!

    Shaina R says:

    Great article! Showed the pros, cons and similarities of being young or older in this industry and definitely opens your eyes. Definitely can aspire anyone whether already in the industry or switching careers.

    Chelsea says:

    This was an encouraging article!

    Cedric B says:


    Jen says:

    Sometimes we just need a confidence reminder. Thank you!

    Jordan says:

    Great Article! Never to young or to old to follow your dreams. (:

    Crystal says:

    Very glad I read this article. I definitely thought I was too young to start pursing my dream of being an event planner. I thought that people would look at me and think I was too young and inexperienced. But since I have been advertising my career and what I want to do with it, close friends have been asking for my help as an event planner in small events. Good to build my portfolio and experience.

    Danielle says:

    Great read! My age never crossed my mind when I decided to pursue Wedding Planning, I think you are never to old to pursue your dreams!

    Anna Hofer says:

    Loved this article! I’ve always wondered if I was too young to pursue this career, just turning 21 a month ago. I’ve always been very organized, patient, and ambitious. This article made me realize its never too early or too late to become an event planner. There are always going to be challenges and preferences with each client no matter the age range or event you’re asked to plan.

    Trudean says:

    Looking forward to complete my course work and start another! thanks

    Sherry Robinson says:

    Supper excited to add to my company. 😀 Excited to see where it will go.

    Pascale says:

    Very interesting post, love the fact that it address the age difference, yet it shows that it doesn<t make any difference! Can't wait to see where my course is taking me!

    Jolanta Blundell says:

    It is a brilliant motivation as I found myself in similar situation. I wanted to be a wedding planner since I was 20, started at 32… I think that waiting for over decade for a chance to set up my own business of my dream job, gave me certain amount of life experience. In the end determination is all that matters and no matter if you young or old. If you can do it – DO IT!

    bria says:

    I cant wait until I am done with my wedding planning course! But I am worried about my lack of experience due to my age.

    Natasha Drouin says:

    So excited to begin my course! I absolutely love wedding planning!

    Christina says:

    Age does not matter! Love the article!

    Keri Weber says:

    I was already planning weddings before starting my certification with the QC School. The information that these courses give you is more than what you can find on the internet and doing your own research. They put so much into perspective to give you those things that you miss or may skip over because you dont think it is important. I have used almost every bit of information to help with all of the weddings I coordinate. I will most likely use the QC School for my next certification. Thank you!

    shan'e says:

    There’s no age limit on following your dreams.

    Michelle Lefebvre says:

    I could never dream this to be possible. Finally starting my course and couldn’t be any happier!

    Meghan Smith says:

    I love how this article inspires every age group of individuals who are aspiring to start their career in something their passionate about. I shouldn’t consider myself “old,” but starting my business plan at 30 years old wasn’t my initial plan. I was hoping to be running a successful business by now. Life doesn’t work that way, and it’s very uplifting to be reminded that success can come at any age. As long as you practice, work hard and ultimately love what you do…. success is inevitable, or at least your setting yourself up in the best possible way 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration and reminder that I can STILL do this!

    Meghan Smith says:

    {I should start by being grammatically correct: “something they’re passionate about” not “something their passionate about.”} I felt it was necessary to call myself out. Thanks again for the article!

    Ashlee Hyde says:

    You are never too old or too young to do something you are passionate about! Event Planning is an amazing skill to have… not everyone can do it which is why we are needed out there. Follow your dreams and passion!

    Emily says:

    I have always wanted to plan weddings. Its all I thought about as a kid! I say go for it if its your passion!

    Courtney Watts says:

    Very interesting article!!

    Megan says:

    Great article! I found this article very encouraging!

    Bri Larson says:

    Great article! Loved it!

    Melissa Nault says:

    This is why I love this industry! Doesn’t matter your age, if you have the drive and passion for it there are always room for more event/wedding planners. And there is always something new to learn, new trends to get inspired by. You are only limited by your own creativity!

    Phillisa says:

    I am really excited about learning from the best, and to take Wedding and Event Planning to a whole level for my self and my area. To become the best that I know God has for me

    Dana says:

    My dream is to own my own event planning company one day and be my own boss

    Renee says:

    A great read!
    I feared I was too young to start but when you are passionate it doesn’t matter!
    Good luck to all!

    Rachelle Atkinson says:

    Follow your hearts desire and your passion, go for it!!

    afsoon sanjarfi says:

    You are never too old to start anything , I am 50 & my 18 year old daughter is starting next month !!!!

    afsoon sanjarfi says:

    You are never too old or younger for event planning

    Minal Pankhania says:

    This is great. You’re never too young or too old to do what you love. I’ve always been interested in events and studied Events Management at University, volunteered at event companies during my summers and wanted to study further so i signed up to the International Event and Wedding Planning Course at QC. Whilst studying I’ve also worked with two large organisations, planning large International Conferences and Private Summits for Ministers and Government Ambassadors across the globe. All that mattered is how passionate and dedicated I was and how well I did my job.
    Do what you love and it will feel like you’ve never worked a day in your life. Enjoy it. Good luck everyone!

    MaKenna Stevens says:

    As a mere 20-year-old pursuing a career as a planner, it’s very encouraging to read that my age is actually on my side. As young people, we deal with a lot of adults refusing to take us seriously, but I refuse to prove them right!

    Sabrina Vargas says:

    You are never too young or old to do what you love! ever!

    Rebecca says:

    No matter how old you are, if your dream is to become an event planner (or anything else for that matter), you should follow your heart. Very insightful and inspiring article =)

    Geraldine says:

    One of the best career choices I have ever made!! Love the life of planning and creating of fabulous events!

    Sybille says:

    I definitely agree with this article. We shouldn’t let our age stop us from living our passion to the fullest!

    nikki says:

    It’s never too late to chase your dream! Looking forward to learning and planning great events

    Jessica Moore says:

    I loved the course. I moved to the Pacific NW to get my career started…can’t wait. It ia amazing to have fun, be creative and make people happy all while making money…what could be better?

    Kaneika A says:

    I agree that practice and hard work are the factors in success in this field, not age!
    I’ve been working in another field and have been putting off my dream of event planning for over a decade!
    If I can do it now, anyone can!

    Cali B says:

    I never thought about becoming an event and wedding planner. I always thought it wasn’t for me and I would never be good at it, until someone told me I can do anything I put my mind to and if I really love what I’m doing with my career I will never work a day in my life. And that can’t be any further from the truth. Although I am still a student just starting out on the event and wedding planning corse, I can’t begin to tell you how amazing this program is and how incredible this school is and their staff. I can’t wait until I get my certification and show it off to everyone. Just thinking about planning weddings and events and seeing clients smile because I did a wonderful job just gets me so excited and makes me what to start.

    Marianne says:

    never too young

    Dionne says:

    At 19 and still discovering myself I find this article encouraging and empowering. I never thought that age was a problem when it came to event coordinating it always came naturally to me; from basically planning my aunts wedding at 10 and putting on dinner parties up to this day i feel like this article puts into perspective that if you have the enthusiasm and the drive to do something spectacular it does not matter if you are younger or older, as long as you are determined to get the job done that is all that matters.

    Adriana Guevara says:

    Great article!
    Its never too late to do what you dream off. To learn and to enjoy something like this course.

    Mallory says:

    You are NEVER too old to help others with their dream. Making someone else’s dream day come true is a gift. Young or old.

    Kate says:

    Fantastic article!
    I’ve always wondered how others felt about young up and coming event planners like myself.

    Candice Henry says:

    Great article!
    The best tip is to practice, practice, practice!

    Nikita Rao says:

    Great Article!

    Samantha Taylor says:

    Being new, I found this article was very helpful.
    It made me relax about my age and view it in a different way.
    Thank you 🙂

    Christine Olydam says:

    Great Article!

    Jaime Kandalaft says:

    The title of the article I feel is something that I’ve been concerned about. As someone who is not young, but is not quite considered old yet, I feel like I may only attract clients of the same age which could limit my potential for business. I think that being able to keep up with trends while remaining true to my own brand will help me pull a larger clientèle.

    Laura says:

    Thanks for the encouragement that “Age is just a number!” No one is ever too young or too old to pursue their dream!

    vanessa palmer says:

    I love this article! gives me hope that this business is not just for the young but the young at heart, mind and creativity, as well.

    Rio Osumo-Santiago says:

    Great thanks to this article! I am now more confident to pursue my long almost lost dream of becoming an event planner. I’ve been thinking about this career in my early 20s, but I’ve never really gave it a serious thought, thinking that I’m not fit for the job. Now, I’m 30, and I’m giving up my career in IT to do what I know my heart truly desires to do. This article has enhanced my self-esteem and made me realize more that it is not really too late for me to start a career in this industry. In fact, my 10-yr corporate experience might be very helpful in my new exciting work life ahead! =D

    Alecia says:

    I can definitely relate to this, as I have switched my career in my 30’s. Thanks for the content rich article!

    Rebecca Gillies says:

    I love how this article gives you hope that there is a career out there for everyone, and that event planning is for all ages!

    Ashleigh says:

    Love this article. I agree completely, made me feel more confident in myself as well.

    Fatima says:

    I love all your courses I’m so excited and looking forward to Start the Luxury Wedding planner.

    Shanekia says:

    This lets you know that anything is possible!

    Understand that YOUR aspirations goals and dreams are just that, YOURS. Not everybody will understand how bad you want to achieve it or understand why you want to achieve it. But don’t let anybody stop you.

    Kimberly Johnson says:

    I am almost 30 and decided to try this. Planning is something that has always come easily to me, whether it was parties or events. I am enjoying the curriculum and I think I will do well at this.

    Cherie Woodard says:

    Great article, as I am making a career change at 32. Having a child and planning my own wedding has had me wondering if this was the correct career move for me. I now know that it is 🙂

    Krista says:

    I’m nearly 45 and was looking for a career change. Thanks for the encouragement!!

    Keisha Lewis says:

    After years of planning events for family and friends, I have decided to turn my passion into my career. Cheers to enjoying what I do!!

    Trina says:

    Good article! I’m just about to turn 32 and I only realized this was my passion about 2 years ago!

    Amelia says:

    When I heard about QC back in 2011 I realized how much training and support they provided no matter where you were located in the world! Hoping to open my own business once I complete the course so being 25, there is no too young or too old!

    Dionne Jenkins says:

    Great article! I just turned 35, but I have only recently started to embrace my love for event planning and designs. I often thought to myself that it’s too late for me to start – people have their careers figured out by 35! But, with the encouragement of my friends and husband, I’ve decided to step out on faith this year and really pursue event planning, design, and gift making. I also plan to complete my event planning course (I’ve been on sabbatical since ordering last year). We’ll see how it goes!

    Lori Owen says:

    Great article!

    Charlene says:

    Brilliant motivational article

    Adebimpe Adegun says:

    Great article, very inspiring and I totally agree that you are never too old. With passion and the right information as you get from QC event school, in the world of event planning the sky is the starting point. Cheers

    Ella says:

    Love this article!

    It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. If you have passion and drive, you can do anything!

    Meghan says:

    As I am just about to turn 28, I know that this is the perfect time to start pursuing the career with events that I’ve always wanted! I can’t wait to jump right in now that I have the certification!

    Alyssa says:

    I am 23 years old, and I have wanted to be an event coordinator since I was sixteen. This post was very interesting and very influential. I am very glad that I read it.

    Annie says:

    I started the course a while back and was sidetracked when I got to the final steps due to family emergencies and now I’m back on track with more passion than ever. I knew that this was the right course for me because I loved seeing people happy, having fun and celebrating any event. I would often volunteer my time to help out in any way to make their day memorable. I was often told that I was a natural for Event/Wedding planning and I never took it seriously because when you’re doing what you love it doesn’t seem like work. Thanks QVC for putting the fire back in me an allowing my dream to come in focus again!

    Annie says:

    That’s QC event planning. LOL

    Nollin says:

    Naver too old and never too young

    Heather says:

    I’ve always wanted to be an event planner. It took me years to get the confidence to actually look into it. I finally enrolled and am doing this in honor of my daughter.

    Amanda Sorenson says:

    LOVED reading this!! I’m currently 20 years old, but have always wanted to be a wedding planner. I’m hoping to start my certificate within these next few months!

    Shay Battle says:

    This was a really great article. It can be intimidating entering an industry were it’s really built on networking and your relationships with vendors. Some vendors have been working together for years. Coming into such a close knit group is scary but this gives you traits that you could present as positive attributes to prospect and vendors who may be weary of hiring someone young or working with someone younger which can also be mistaken for inexperienced.

    Tiffany Smith-Boasman says:

    I am happy I enrolled I to this course.. I always wanted to become an event planner, but no one took me seriously. But now with some education behind me and better knowledge, I’m sure to succeed.

    Nicole says:

    Great article! It really spoke to me as I was a 30-something year old when I decided to switch my career to event planning. After having gone through the process of going back to school with QC and starting my own event planning business I can honestly say it was the best decision I’ve made! I definitely agree that my age can actually help me target a specific age demographic. I don’t think you are ever too young or too old to start a new chapter!

    Sarah-Lynn Seguin says:

    Hi Nicole,

    This is wonderful insight, thank you. 🙂 We agree – if someone feels too young or too old to pursue a new career path, it can be misinterpreted as a road block. Too often, people choose not to pursue their dreams because they’ve convinced themselves that they can’t… when that couldn’t be farther from the truth!

    With the right training, the right attitude, and the right work ethic, ANYONE can become a successful planner, regardless of age. We’re SO proud of you for choosing to follow your dreams and join this industry. It’s a better place with you in it! xx

    All the best,
    The QC Team

    Shawniece says:

    You are never too old or too young to start your dream career! This article touches on great points about age, how to market yourself, as well as how to get your first client no matter what your age is. Two of the most important things to remember when you start your career as an event professional are to gain as much experience as you are able to and to take the time to receive your certification from an accredited school, suchs as QC!

    Sarah-Lynn Seguin says:

    This is such a wonderful comment, thank you Shawniece! <3 We couldn't agree more!

    All the best,
    The QC Team

    Emily says:

    I love this article and it definitely gives me more confidence. I’m 21 and about to graduate with a marketing degree. I want be an entrepreneur with my own event planning business but feel overwhelmed by the amount of info out there. I found this article really helpful as well if anyone is looking to grow their event business:

    Sarah-Lynn Seguin says:

    Hey Emily, thanks so much for commenting. We really love your insight and we’re so happy to hear that this article gave you a bit of a confidence boost. 🙂 You sound like an extremely motivated and passionate person, and we have no doubt that if owning your own event planning business is your dream, you’re going to make it happen! <3 Thanks as well for sharing that article! We wish you the best in your journey. Feel free to pop back here in a year or two to give us an update on how everything's going. We'd love to know! xx

    Big (COVID-safe) hugs,
    The QC Team

    N.D.Raja says:

    Thank you for offering such a valuable blog for Mahal in Perundurai | Kaadhukuthu | Ear Boring Function Halls

    Sloane Seguin says:

    You’re very welcome, it’s our pleasure! Thank YOU for giving it a read and taking the time to leave such a nice comment. 🙂

    All the best,
    The QC Team

    N.D.Raja says:

    Thank you for offering such a valuable blog

    N.D.Raja says:

    Thank you for offering such a valuable article

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