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8 Creative Alternatives to Traditional Invitations

Invitations do more than just announce your event! They’re a chance to get creative and set the atmosphere right away. If your guests have a great time learning about the event details, imagine how excited they’ll be for the actual event!

Paper invitations mailed in envelopes are classic. Themes, designs, and ideas are practically endless for traditional paper invites. They can be elegant, cute, or funny, but they’re not your only option! Intrigue your guests with an invitation that is also a gift or activity.

Here are some unique ideas for creative alternatives to traditional invitations your guests will love!

Handkerchief invitations

Instead of printing on paper, put your details on a handkerchief!

Guests will love receiving not only good news, but also an adorable keepsake. Handkerchief invites are perfect for rustic summer weddings, picnic birthdays, and tea parties.

Photo chain in a box

Miniature gift boxes are exiting for guests to open. Picture chains will please them even further.

Event Blog- Party Planning Business- Photo Chain

This is particularly effective for a small event when the guests are very close with your clients. For a wedding, choose pictures from the time your clients started dating to their engagement portraits. For a kid’s birthday, choose pictures from the past year. For an anniversary party, start with a wedding picture and progress to recent ones. Guests will love the element of nostalgia.

Engraved plexiglass

Invitations guests can keep are always exciting. Consider small plexiglass coasters instead of paper.

These invitations are great for milestone events like weddings or 60th wedding anniversaries because they’re commemorative as well.

Film canisters

Film canister invites are great for a vintage wedding or a photographer’s birthday.

45 Record and sleeve invitations

Transform 45 RPM vinyl records into invitations for vintage weddings, music lovers’ birthdays, or anniversaries of weddings from the jukebox era.

Choose songs from the theme era, the biggest hit from the year the guest of honor was born, or the anniversary couple’s first dance song. If you don’t want to alter original labels, put an insert with event details in the original sleeve with the record and design a custom outer sleeve.

Cootie catcher invite

Do you remember cootie catchers from grade school? They make playful invites for kid’s birthdays and bridal showers!

Event Blog- Party Planning Business- Creative Invitiations Cootie Catcher

Balloon invite

Balloons make perfect invitations for birthday parties and baby showers! Here are two simple but very fun ways to incorporate balloons into your invitations.

If your guests are local and you can deliver invites, try this:

Chocolate invitations

As long as your guests don’t have allergies, chocolates make invitations they can really enjoy!

Would your guests prefer a variety of chocolates instead of a single candy bar?

Event Blog- Party Planning Business- Chocolate

Get Creative!

As long as your invitations can survive delivery, your options are basically endless! Think about what kind of event you’re throwing, who your guests are, what the theme is, and what your clients love. Help them choose something that will stand out, get their guests excited, and be fun to design.

Do you have more alternative invitation ideas? Tell us about them in the comments!

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