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10 Signs You’re Destined to be an Event Planner

Have you always been the most excited host or hostess in your group of friends? Were your birthday parties always the best organized growing up? Do you catch yourself contemplating the décor at other peoples’ events? You might be an event planner!

Wait… you’re not an event planner? Have you ever thought about becoming one? The skills and characteristics of a great event planner can be learned, but some people are just born with them! If you’ve been thinking about a career change or looking for something new, consider whether event planning sounds like something you’d enjoy.

To help you with that decision, here are ten signs that you’re destined to become an event planner!

1. You’re a people person

If you love being around friends and meeting new people, you’ll do well in event planning. Events are a team effort between you and your clients, even though you’re the one coordinating the details. You’ll work closely with them, as well as your vendors, to create the perfect experience for their guests. If interacting with many people on a daily basis isn’t something you enjoy, try to work on that skill before you start your event planning career!

2. You’re good at getting your points across

Event planners need great communication skills. If you’re a good listener who finds relaying clear details very easy, you’ll do well. Event planners must listen very carefully to what their clients want. They also need to communicate their expectations to vendors concisely in order to avoid mistakes. If you’re already an effective communicator, you’re a step ahead!

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3. You’re very organized…

Timelines, business contacts, menus, guest lists, flower arrangements… event planners deal with countless details at once. Coordinating so many details and getting everything done on time take extreme organization!
If you’re the kind of person who keeps your things in neat order, keeps good track of deadlines at work, and likes to make lists, you’ll do very well at planning events! Structure and attention to detail helps the coordination process immensely.

4. …but you still know how to wing it when you need to

Being organized is essential, but sometimes things happen that are out of your control. Event planners must be able to adapt their plan on short notice and accommodate people and circumstances. If you’re good at “winging it” and you work well under pressure, you’re well prepared for the challenges that might come your way as an event planner.

5. You take pride in small details

If you get satisfaction out of perfecting things right down to the tiniest detail, then you already have some basic event planning skills. Clients are paying for quality services and they’ll expect that quality to apply to every little aspect. Taking great care and paying attention to detail communicates a sense of pride in your work that clients will love seeing.

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6. You’re crafty and creative

The best events have a touch of uniqueness about them. Whether it’s novelty hors d’ouvres, innovative DIY décor, or unconventional entertainment, creativity is definitely an asset for event planners. Most clients want you to incorporate at least a few traditional elements into their event, but many are open to exciting, unique ideas. If you’re already a crafty person with a fun, creative flair, your sense of style and innovation will be just what clients are looking for!

7. You know how to get things done

Productivity is important in any line of work, but it’s especially crucial when you have a strict timeline. If you’re the kind of person who sets goals, meets them quickly without rushing, and generally manages your time well, you’ll be a step ahead when it comes to event planning. Taking action and staying productive is part of an event planner’s everyday routine.

8. You’re passionate and energetic

Enthusiasm is contagious. It makes even the most tedious aspects of event planning a lot more fun! Clients are drawn to energetic planners whose passion is obvious within their professionalism. If you’re a pumped-up person who enjoys sharing what you love with the people around you, you’ll do well at keeping your clients’ excitement alive through any stress. They’ll take your passion as a sign of dedication.

9. You’re good at juggling

Of course, we don’t mean actual juggling! While circus acts might impress your clients, they’ll be even more pleased if you can juggle many tasks at once. Planners must communicate with clients, vendors, assistants, and sometimes even guests or family members, all while organizing the day down to the finest detail.

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If you can handle making dinner and writing your shopping list, while talking on the phone, and watching a movie—all at the same time, successfully—then you might have luck with calling a vendor, updating a timeline, and choosing a color swatch all at once too.

10. You’re very patient

Event planning can be fun, but it’s still work! Even in the most stressful situations, planners must be patient with their vendors and clients. You’ll do well if you’re the one who usually stays calm and practical where other people might get annoyed or overwhelmed. They say that patience is a virtue, and that certainly holds true in event planning!

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A brand new year is the perfect time to try something new! If you’ve been considering a new career in event planning, why not take the first step? Research courses and set yourself some new goals. If you’re the kind of person this list describes, then you’re already on your way!

If you’re thinking about becoming an event and/or wedding planner, check out the beginner’s guide to becoming an event planner for more information!

3 responses to “10 Signs You’re Destined to be an Event Planner”

    Lisa Moore says:

    Yes! I am destined to be an event planner! Thank you!

    Gina Pelegrino says:

    Very informative article! I signed up recently and after reading this article it’s quite clear I made the right decision!

    Donna F. says:

    That seems like quite a lot to be a party event planner! I guess that’s why I try to leave it to more professional people when I plan my major parties!

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