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2016 Event Decor Trends: What’s In and What’s Out

Ring in the New Year by getting up to date on the latest trends in event decor. Can you still stay on the cutting edge of event style by replacing real flowers with paper ones? Are micro pop-ups in or out? Is mix-and-match eclectic, or will it just come off as messy? Read on for a crash course in what your clients may be looking for—or what they may be trying to avoid—for 2016.

IN: Step Up the Theatrics

When it comes to weddings, many couples are looking to turn their special day into a performance that really gets guests involved. Truly brave clients may be looking to spice up their ceremony by veering away from tradition; others may go for a simpler ceremony, but draw their guests in with theatrical food installations to spice up the meal or theatre performers during periods of potential lull, like drinks or the reception. Either way, people are turning towards events that showcase their creativity and individuality.

OUT: The Wedding Cake

While wedding cakes are too much of a staple to disappear entirely, their presence as a wedding fixture is expected to keep diminishing over 2016. Couples lacking that sweet tooth may be looking to replace the traditional dessert cake with something more savoury—think tiers of tarts, quiches, or meat pies. Savoury “cakes” do away with the sugar, but still hold the spotlight; because they can be served up as part of the main course, they’re also a good option for making the most of a tight budget.

Other couples may want to keep the sweetness of a traditional cake but serve it up differently, for instance as a classic, homey pie or a series of individual wedding cakes. To avoid cupcake fatigue, try a simple miniaturized cake.

Trendy wedding deserts

IN: Get Wild

Outdoor weddings aren’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean the look is out of reach. 2016 will see more couples looking for weddings that bring the outdoors in, especially when it comes to floral arrangements.

Instead of traditionally manicured bouquets, many couples will be opting for something more “wild,” from dried flowers to vines of ivy to wildflower posies. The natural, less structured look can relax the atmosphere of an event, in addition to lending it an attractive rustic vibe.

Picking dried flowers or wildflowers can also be easier on your clients’ budget than a traditional arrangement. Look for flowers that are local and in season, and try taking the “wild” look beyond the bouquet by going for a variety of centrepieces.

Trendy wild flower arrangements

OUT: Conference-Style Dining

Dividing your guests up between a series of round tables may be a long-time trend on its way out. While this kind of tabling is convenient, it can also make your event feel a little too much like a conference, which is ideal if you are hosting a conference, but less so for a personal event like a wedding or anniversary celebration.

Instead, try a couple of long, rectangular tables, with centrepieces placed every few feet. Just make sure to avoid a cafeteria-style feel when picking chairs and table decor.

IN: #Tech

With the rise in popularity of personalized photo-sharing sites like Instagram, clients (and their guests) will be looking for venues that will come across well both in professional photos and in the more casual, personal pictures snapped by friends and family. In fact, some clients may be looking for decor specifically inspired by trends on Instragram or other social media sites.

Instagram wedding inspiration

Wedding hashtags are also on the rise, with couples selecting a hashtag before the big day and encouraging their guests to use it when sharing photos via their social media accounts.

When it comes to incorporating technology in the decor, though, don’t get ahead of yourself; using tablets for guests to select their meal choices might seem slick and cutting-edge now, but in just a few years it may already look dated.

OUT: Posed Photos

Chances are clients will still want some traditional shots, like photos of the wedding party after the ceremony, but expect your clients’ photography needs to go far beyond a few carefully posed photos. To make their wedding photos tell a story, many couples are looking for action shots: doors opening for brides to walk down the aisle, guests watching the ceremony or relaxing during the reception, or first bite of cake.

Pre-wedding shots are also on the rise, as more couples want to capture those intimate moments before the ceremony. To get a real sense of the wedding, couples may be interested in keeping a photographer on for the entire wedding weekend to capture the full experience with their friends and family.

What Do YOU Think?

Would you give these trends a thumbs-up? Are there any you’re sorry to see go? Let us know, and make your own predictions for the biggest event trends of 2016! Or, if you’re looking to stay up-to-date on even more new trends, we’ve got you covered.

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    Olivia says:

    I have seen a lack of tradition cakes and more alternative options such as “donut cake” forming as a tower of donuts, 3 separate small cakes as well as one small cake for the bride and groom to cut with other deserts for their guests. I honestly have only been a part of a few wedding that don’t use a #something. The wedding venue I worked for encouraged non conventional dinning, by offering tray passed style. This option is more affordable, giving guests the options and the quality is higher do to the small amounts per serving. Buffet are becoming a taboo in high society weddings, they are only ever seen at a wedding party brunch.

    yes I agree with you some sort but in buffet catering we can customized menu and guests can choose according to his choice.

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