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Warming Up a Winter Wedding: 8 Hot Décor Trends

In the wedding world, there’s a tendency to equate winter weddings with Christmas. Red-and-green color schemes and holiday-esque décor dominate your traditional winter wedding—even if it’s held long after the holiday cheer has faded!

A Christmas-y wedding is fine for some couples, but many are looking for something a little bit different. These 8 winter décor trends are perfect for a wedding that brings something fresh to the season!

1. Dried flowers

Winter can be a tough time for couples set on saving money or staying eco-friendly with seasonal flowers, especially if they’re looking for some color. Lush reds, whites, and greens have become the natural choice for winter weddings, and yes, it’s possible to execute this combo without coming off like a Christmas wreath—but that’s not your only option.

Dried flowers don’t pop in the same way a fresh bouquet does, but their subtle color and rustic texture add a whole lot of charm to a winter wedding. Their color makes them easy to pair with other natural elements like pinecones, feathers, and sticks. Plus, you can buy your bouquets way ahead of time—that means no worrying about wilting, and you get to pick out your favorite non-seasonal flowers to bring to your wedding!

Dried flowers in wedding bouquet as winter wedding decor

Garlands or accents of dried fruit are also unique décor choices that’ll add a bit of color and get your guests ready to eat.

2. Berry bouquets

Here’s another twist on a classic winter floral trend. Mistletoe and holly berries are the traditional pick for bouquets and centerpieces, but there are tons of other seasonal berries that’ll add color to your flowers without getting your guests humming “Jingle Bells.”

Eucalyptus, pepper berry, curly willow, and beautyberry are all seasonal choices that’ll add a burst of color to your décor without feeling too festive.

3. Stock up on spray paint

When it comes to winter weddings, spray paint is your best friend. You can never go wrong with gold (okay, you can, but it’s pretty hard), but this trend can work for pretty much any color in your scheme. Bare branches, leaves, berries, pinecones, decorative fruit, vintage books… you name it, you can spray paint it.

Lots of winter weddings make use of natural elements, and a little (or a lot) of spray paint can glitz up an accent that might be kind of bare and blah on its own. Add a splash of glam to a dried-flower bridal bouquet, paint some branches for an inexpensive yet gorgeous centerpiece, or create some cute place card holders out of plastic animals or cars.

Again, we’re all for the gold—what better way to bring a little heat to your clients’ mid-January wedding than a buttery, warm metallic? But silver can lend a bright, cool touch to your clients’ wedding to fit with the weather.

4. Cozy up

The eternal struggle of any winter wedding guest: will this outfit leave me freezing or sweating? Venues of all kinds are notoriously unpredictable when it comes to temperature. Some blast the heat, some keep things cool, and some are downright drafty.

Wearing scarves as winter wedding decor trend

You can always get your venue owner to turn the heat down if things are getting too hot, but sometimes venues—especially old, drafty buildings—stay cool no matter how high you crank the thermostat. Keep your guests covered (literally) by adding pretty shawls that match your color scheme to the décor. Put a stack at the entrance to your venue or drape them over chairs to help your guests stay cozy. Even if they don’t get used much, you’ve still got some cute décor to keep your clients’ wedding feeling soft and warm!

5. Fur, flannel, and knits

Speaking of getting cozy, what better way to keep your décor feeling oh-so-snug than incorporating faux fur, flannel, or knits into your wedding? Incorporate flannel prints into your invitations, set faux fur runners along your table, maybe even go all out with a cable-knit wedding cake!

And while we’re on the subject, there’s nothing better than a faux fur coat or stole when it comes to winter bridal attire. While these don’t quite count as décor, they make a dramatic statement that can help set the tone for the rest of the wedding. Plus, they’re a practical touch for couples that want to take some outdoor wedding photos. Your bride could sport a snowy white coat while her bridesmaids stay warm in soft browns.

Bride and groom in snow for winter wedding photos

6. Snow confetti

This stuff is even better than the real deal, because it won’t leave your bride’s dress damp or melt in puddles on your venue’s floor! Ecofetti might be relatively new to the wedding market, but it’s gaining popularity fast. This stuff is totally biodegradable, making it perfect for your eco-conscious clients—plus it’s super pretty. Bring the outdoors in with snow white ecofetti, or mix it up by picking colors that match your scheme.

7. Color craze

Winter landscapes are beautifully stark, but your winter wedding doesn’t have to be. Breaking out of the traditional winter wedding mold can be as simple as changing up your color scheme. Deep jewel tones (think beyond red and green) can help your winter wedding really pop, whether you use them as accents or let them take on a more prominent role.

And you can never go wrong with a classic, classy setup. Black and gold isn’t exactly the norm for a winter wedding, but when done right it can step up the drama for a gorgeous evening wedding, even in the winter.

8. Go for the glitter

A little bit of glitter brings the sparkle of fresh snow inside—minus the chill! If you want to go all out, try a sequined tablecloth. Keep it from getting overwhelming by opting for sequins with subtle sparkle instead of full-on glam.

For an even more toned-down look, stick with glitzy accents. Well-placed candles and lights can make a little go a long way. Or put some sparkle at the center of your clients’ wedding with a glittery wedding cake!

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