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8 Wedding Styled Shoots We Love

Whether you’re planning your own styled shoot or looking for inspiration for your latest wedding project, hunting for fresh ideas never hurts. Plus—you can own up—it’s fun! That being said, sometimes you do have to scroll through quite a few generic “rustic,” “seaside,” or “pastel” wedding styled shoots to get to the good stuff.

Like any other industry, the wedding business has its trends. That’s not a bad thing—we love the charm of a barn wedding or a pretty pastel color scheme—but sometimes those trends swamp everything else. We’ve done some of the homework for you and picked out 8 wedding styled shoots with unique touches you’re sure to adore.

1. Luxurious Parisian Wedding Inspiration

The concept: Ethereal meets stately. The drama of the Musée Rodin and the Shangri La Paris is the backdrop to romantic white roses, rough-edged invitations, and a dress that seems to float around the simply styled bride. The old-world style of her one-shouldered dress makes her as elegant as any of Rodin’s serious statues. Bonus points for all the gorgeous venue details included in the shoot, from Rodin’s Gates of Hell to close-ups of wrought-iron fencing.

Why we love it: This shoot is so cool we just had to pick two touches to focus on. First of all, that dress. Both of the model’s looks are showstoppers, but we really can’t get over her gray Marchesa gown. From the touches of embellishment to the otherworldly off-the-shoulder drape, this gown turns its wearer into a bridal goddess.

Parisian wedding styled shoot

Secondly, that cake is incredible. The simple white finish pairs perfectly with the oyster shell topper and the pearls attached subtly to the lower layer.

2. Florida Orange Grove Wedding Inspiration

The concept: There are no beaches in sight for this Florida wedding styled shoot. The color inspiration comes right from the venue: the bold orange hues of the grove are paired with pops of bright pink, all grounded in the cool green foliage. Oranges abound throughout this shoot, from seat markers on the table to embellishments on the cake to baskets overflowing from every corner. The tractor’s bright blue paint puts a fun spin on this shoot’s rustic touches.

Why we love it: There are lots of reasons to love this playful shoot, but what gives it an extra kick is the menu. The salad and both entrée choices are built around the venue’s fruit-of-choice: oranges! And, if you take a look at the dessert table, both the cake and the macaroons feature a distinctly citrusy twist. Now that’s attention to detail! Plus, how cute is that pink flamingo?

3. Eclectic Safari Wedding Inspiration

The concept: Set at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, this wedding styled shoot brings an exotic setting back home. An eclectic collection of chairs, stools, rugs, pillows, and other décor make this wedding feel like it’s got years of travel behind it. Elephants, a black crowned crane, and a gorgeous faux-savannah backdrop make the need for extra décor minimal. And, from a portfolio perspective, the decision to include a video of the shoot was totally on point.

Bride and groom riding camels on the beach

Why we love it: Those personalized, old-timey flasks are the perfect touch. They help carry the theme throughout the décor without making it feel too kitschy. Paired with the cute compass set in the middle of each dish, we can definitely picture these flasks as the perfect thank-you gift for an adventurous couple’s equally adventurous friends.

4. Glam Bridal Trends Editorial

The concept: Just… color. And lots of it! Pastels are few and far between here—bright hues steal the show. This big shoot covers tons of details, taking us from modern interiors to the airy outdoors. The brides’ simple, timeless gowns provide some nice contrast to the vivid color scheme and modern décor touches.

Why we love it: We’ve got another tie—there’s too much going on in this glamorous shoot for us to pick just one favorite part! Let’s start off with that ribbon tree centerpiece. Paired with the strands dangling from the ceiling, the glass orbs hanging from its branches look just like bubbles.

And then there are those blue velvet couches. Brought to the staged outside ceremony, they carry the shoot’s bold color scheme beyond the doors of the venue. And they’re the perfect prop for a dramatic bridal shot.


5. Appalachian Moonshiner Wedding Inspiration

The concept: We mentioned this shoot in a previous post, but it was too special not to mention again. If you visit the site, you’ll find out that many of the moonshiner props are actually authentic—they belonged to the photographer’s family! Sixties style, a subtly gothic-glam tabletop, a charming forest, and, yes, a hint or two of moonshine… This shoot has it all. And yet somehow it all works.

Why we love it: Is it cheating to just say “the bride”? Her bouffant, cat-eye liner, cute cropped dress, and stylish stilettos really sell the shoot’s sixties concept. Paired with the antique cars and the photographer’s editing, this shoot lets the vintage shine.

6. Bold Spanish Romance Wedding Inspiration

The concept: This simple shoot packs a lot of punch, all thanks to its bold floral theme. Oversized paper flowers set the scene, while overflowing bouquets of real flowers add a lot of colorful detail. The bride’s dress might not sport the same bright colors as her surroundings, but it carries on the theme with delicate floral embellishments.

Why we love it: Need we say it? This shoot is all about flowers. It may be simple, but what it does, it does so well. Flowers aside, though, it’s nice to see the groom styled up a little in a velvet jacket and vest in toned-down shades of the shoot’s brilliant color scheme.

7. The Grand Budapest Hotel Wedding Inspiration

The concept: When it comes to wedding inspiration from the big screen, every wedding planner knows The Great Gatsby is currently holding the spotlight. But this fun shoot takes its inspiration from a Wes Anderson movie equally deserving of wedding design attention. Part of the movie’s appeal is its over-the-top aesthetic, but this shoot carries the color story and details in a way that’s charmingly toned down.

Why we love it: Aside from the groom’s impeccably styled mustache, we’d have to go with the vintage postcard table markers. Cut, font, wording, and tassel, the postcards really nail the movie’s eccentric spirit. The bride’s red pumps paired with the groom’s red pants also make a bold statement.

8. Jewel Toned Barn Wedding Inspiration

The concept: This moody shoot takes an interesting twist on your generic rustic wedding. As the name suggests, deep jewel tones make up the shoot’s color story, lending the old barn a touch of dark elegance. The result is a styled affair that feels far more upscale than your typical barn shoot.

Why we love it: Once again, there’s a lot to love here, but somehow those naked cakes really finish off the wedding shoot’s look. Their understated beauty keeps the whole spread from going too gothic by adding a delicate modern touch.

Wildberry naked cake

Want to try planning your own styled shoot but don’t know where to start? We shared the secrets to setting one up in a previous post!

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